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Accelerated Reader Titles - Grade List

Accelerated Reader Titles (by Grade)

Accelerated Reader

Alphabetical List of Accelerated Reader Titles

First Grade
Hello, Bumblebee Bat 1.9
It's Raining, It's Pouring 1.9
Somos un arco iris/We Are a Rainbow1.7
When the New Baby Comes, I'm Moving Out 1.7
Calico's Curious Kittens 1.6
I'll Protect You from the Jungle Beasts 1.6
We Are A Rainbow 1.6
Aggie and Ben 1.5
Eye Guess 1.5
Mouse in a Meadow 1.5
Nobody Asked ME If I Wanted a Baby Sister 1.2

Second Grade
The Barn Owls 2.9
Counting is for the Birds 2.9
Hey, Diddle Diddle 2.9
Spiders Spin Webs 2.9
You See A Circus. I See. . . 2.9
Equal Shmequal 2.8
My Jack 2.8
The Ocean Alphabet Book 2.8
¡Qué nervios! El primer día de escuela 2.8
Shoo Fly! 2.8
Grandma Tells a Story 2.7
Hats Off to Hair 2.7
The Itsy Bitsy Spider 2.7
Sidney Won't Swim 2.7
Whale Snow 2.7
Birds Build Nests 2.6
Brilla, brilla linda estrella 2.6
Excuse Me, Are You a Witch 2.6
How Much Is That Doggie in the Window? 2.6
Kenya's Word 2.6
Metal Man 2.6
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 2.6
Africa Calling 2.5
Bugs for Lunch 2.5
Candy Shop 2.5
Frogs Sing Songs 2.5
Bugs for Lunch/Insectos para el almuerzo 2.5
No One Told the Aardvark 2.5
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? 2.5
Ser nino 2.5
Baa Baa Black Sheep 2.4
The Baby Shower 2.4
The Baseball Counting Book 2.4
First Day Jitters 2.4
Froggie Went A-Courtin' 2.4
Grumbly Bunnies 2.4
I'm a Little Teapot 2.4
Arctic Dreams 2.3
Peanut's Emergency 2.3
The Wedding 2.3
Wiggle and Waggle 2.3
Frog in a Bog 2.2
Lola at the Library 2.2
What Am I? An Animal Guessing Game 2.2

Third Grade
Fluffy 3.9
The Yummy Alphabet Book 3.9
Hello Ocean 3.9
Hello Ocean/Hola Mar 3.9
The Patch 3.9
The Story of the Samson 3.9
Counting on Calico 3.8
Jaha and Jamil 3.8
A Place for Zero: A Math Adventure 3.8
Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi 3.8
The Skull Alphabet Book 3.8
Underwater Alphabet Book, The 3.8
What's Your Angle, Pythagoras? A Math Adventure 3.8
At Home in the Coral Reef 3.7
Bach’s Goldberg Variations 3.7
The Costruction Alphabet Book 3.7
COW 3.7
The Furry Alphabet Book 3.7
Last Day Blues 3.7
Pirate Bob 3.7
Row Row Row Your Boat 3.7
Underwater Counting: Even Numbers 3.7
The Vegetable Alphabet Book 3.7
Winter Trees 3.7
The Beetle Alphabet Book 3.6
Don't Say Ain't 3.6
Multiplying Menace: The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin 3.6
Picasso and Minou 3.6
The Witch Who Wanted to be a Princess 3.6
Zachary Zormer: Shape Transformer: A Math Adventure 3.6
Ace Lacewing 3.5
Different Just Like Me 3.5
The Freshwater Alphabet Book 3.5
The Frog Alphabet Book 3.5
Scatterbrain Sam 3.5
The Bumblebee Queen 3.4
Dory Story 3.4
Gifts 3.4
Maxwell's Mountain 3.4
Ocean Counting: Odd Numbers 3.4
See What You Say 3.4
Ve lo que dices/See What You Say 3.4
The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book 3.4
Can I Bring My Pterodactyl to School, Ms. Johnson? 3.3
The First Starry Night 3.3
The Flower Alphabet Book 3.3
Humpty Dumpty 3.3
One Less Fish 3.3
Trout Are Made of Trees 3.3
The Bird Alphabet Book 3.2
Cuenta con el Beisbol 3.2
Dancing with Daddy 3.2
Harmonica 3.2
The Icky Bug Alphabet Book 3.2
Last Straw 3.2
Little Green Witch 3.2
Pilot Mom 3.2
Really Rabbits 3.2
Sweet Magnolia 3.2
Telling Time 3.2
Billy's Big Boy Bed 3.1
A Carp for Kimiko 3.1
If the Shoe Fits 3.1
Kirby Kelvin and the Not Laughing Lessons 3.1
Home Now 3.1
Mary Had a Little Lamb 3.1
The Ugly Vegetables 3.1
Uncle Rain Cloud 3.1
Animals in Camouflage 3.0
The Big Buck Adventure 3.0
Butterflies Fly 3.0
Leaf Jumpers 3.0

Fourth Grade
At Home in the Rain Forest 4.9
Big Bang! 4.9
Do They Scare You? Creepy Creatures 4.9
Dentro de la selva tropical 4.9
Did You Hear That? Animals with Super Hearing 4.9
Let the Games Begin! 4.9
Mosquito Bite 4.9
Tundra Discoveries 4.9
Bee: Friend of the Flowers 4.8
The Heroic Symphony 4.8
A Mother’s Journey 4.8
My Family 4.8
Paper Lanterns 4.8
A Platypus Probably 4.8
Popcorn! 4.8
River Discoveries 4.8
The Shark 4.8
The ABC Book of American Homes 4.7
Deep in the Swamp 4.7
Face-to-Face with the Duck 4.7
The Legend of Hong Kil Dong: The Robin Hood of Korea 4.7
The Perfect Sword 4.7
Pizza Counting 4.7
Steam, Smoke, and Steel 4.7
To Be an Artist 4.7
U.S. Navy Alphabet Book 4.7
The Christmas Rose 4.6
At Home in the Tide Pool 4.6
El gusto del mercado mexicano 4.6
Face-to-Face with the Ant 4.6
Face-to-Face with the Hamster 4.6
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue 4.6
I Must Go Down to the Beach Again 4.6
The Jet Alphabet Book 4.6
Living Rain Forest: An Animal Alphabet 4.6
Our Seasons 4.6
The Penguin 4.6
Pictures at an Exhibition 4.6
This Is Our Earth 4.6
Wood-Hoopoe Willie 4.6
Camel Rider 4.5
Face-to-Face with the Dog 4.5
Face-to-Face with The Ladybug 4.5
Finding Home 4.5
Fiona's Luck 4.5
In My Own Backyard 4.5
The Cheetah 4.4
Cowboy Slim 4.4
Drift Upon a Dream: Poems for Sleepy Babies 4.4
Face-to-Face with The Cat 4.4
Galileo's Journal, 1609-1610 4.4
Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter 4.4
The Airplane Alphabet Book 4.3
The Butter Man 4.3
Calabazas 4.3
First Year Letters 4.3
Ice Cream 4.3
Mama's Wild Child/Papa's Wild Child 4.3
A Pirate's Life for Me! A Day Aboard a Pirate Ship 4.3
Pumpkins 4.3
Rub a Dub Dub 4.3
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table 4.3
Washington D.C.: A Scrapbook 4.3
Beaks! 4.2
The Boat Alphabet Book 4.2
Face-to-Face with The Horse 4.2
Jingle Bells 4.2
Little Lost Bat 4.2
Looking Out for Sarah 4.2
Los ninos alfabeticos 4.2
Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland 4.2
Big Blue 4.1
Cuenta los insectos 4.1
The Dinosaur Alphabet Book 4.1
The Extinct Alphabet Book 4.1
The Icky Bug Counting Book 4.1
Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone 4.1
Sitka Rose 4.1
Alice and Greta 4.0
Alicia y Greta 4.0
The Butterfly Alphabet Book 4.0
The Desert Alphabet Book 4.0
Going Lobstering 4.0
The Golden Dreydl 4
Itse Selu: Cherokee Harvest Festival 4.0
Soccer Counts 4.0

Fifth Grade
Bandera que amamos 5.9
The Flag We Love 5.9
The Making of a Knight 5.9
Night Wonders 5.9
Feathered Dinosaurs of China 5.8
Faraway Worlds: Planets Beyond Our Solar System 5.8
Alaska 5.6
Our Natural Homes 5.6
Picasso and Minou 5.6
Tiger: Ferocious Feline 5.6
Apples 5.5
Bananas! 5.5
Henry David's House 5.5
Hey There, Stink Bug! 5.5
How Do You Raise a Raisin? 5.5
One Night in the Coral Sea 5.4
Super Swimmers 5.4
Turn of the Century 5.4
Vinnie and Abraham 5.4
The Whale 5.4
Dolphin: Prince of the Waves 5.3
Our Wet World 5.3
Shockers of the Sea and Other Electric Animals 5.3
Unite or Die 5.3
Will We Miss Them? 5.3
Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying Machines 5.2
Celebrations: Holidays of...America and Mexico 5.2
The Farewell Symphony 5.2
The Forest in the Clouds 5.2
The Golden Bull 5.2
Families of the Deep Blue Sea 5.1
Wired 5.1
The Wolf 5
Be My Neighbor 5
Creepy Creatures 5
Desert Discoveries 5.0
Ser vecinos 5

Sixth Grade
Children of Native America Today 6.9
The Bald Eagle's View of American History 6.8
Myths and Monsters: Secrets Revealed 6.8
Sneeze! 6.8
Hail to the Chief: The American Presidency 6.7
Margaret Chase Smith: A Woman for President 6.7
Come Look With Me: Asian Art 6.6
Extraordinary Girls 6.6
New York: The Empire State 6.5
Footprints on the Moon 6.3
Can We Save Them? 6.2
Ox, House, Stick: The History of Our Alphabet 6.2
Safely to Shore: America's Lighthouses 6.2
California Here We Come! 6.1
¡California, aquí vamos! 6.1
The Deep-Sea Floor 6
Giant Dinosaurs of the Jurassic 6
Going to School in India 6

Seventh Grade
Reign of the Sea Dragons 7.7
This is America 7.2
Sea Queens 7.1
Akira to Zoltán: Twenty-six Men Who Changed the World 7
Amelia to Zora: Twenty-six Women Who Changed the World 7