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Marc Tyler Nobleman
Biography: Marc Tyler Nobleman is the author of Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman, which received multiple starred reviews and was named an American Library Association Notable Book. Due to discoveries Marc made in his research, the book also landed on the front page of USA Today. Marc never dressed as Batman for Halloween, but he was Robin twice (and Superman three times). Today he lives with his family in Maryland. He reveals his research secrets and promotional gambles at
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By author: Marc Tyler Nobleman   Illustrated by: Ty Templeton
ISBN: 978-1-58089-289-6
8 - and up
Availability: In Stock
Price: $17.95

This is the true story of how Batman began.

Every Batman story is marked with the words "Batman created by Bob Kane." But that isn't the whole truth. A struggling writer named Bill Finger was involved from the beginning.

"Purposefully and meaningfully (and beautifully) written."
--Michael Uslan, executive producer of The Dark Knight Rises and author of The Boy Who Loved Batman

"Though Finger has been a known commodity to comics cognoscenti for years, this salute in his own format will make the lasting impression he deserves."
--Kirkus Reviews

"This eye-catching biography of Bill Finger is quite unique."
--School Library Journal

"A fitting tribute to a largely overlooked comic-book hero."