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Here We Go Round Mulberry Bush
Here We Go Round Mulberry Bush
Illustrated by: Iza Trapani   As told by: Iza Trapani
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Binding Information: Paperback 
2  - 5
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Price: $7.95
Iza Trapani's retelling of this favorite nursery rhyme features a determined gardener and a lively cast of critters who eat all her plants and vegetables. Delightful art depicts the antics of the mischievous animals as they lead the gardener on a chase 'round the mulberry bush.

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  • Awards
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  • Reviews
      School Library Journal - July 1, 2006
    The traditional nursery rhyme is expanded into a lively story when pesky insects and animals invade the garden. "Oh, how we love to pull up roots,/Nibble on fresh and tender shoots,/Fill up on plump and juicy fruits,/In spring when plants are growing." No amount of fencing deters the scavengers that jump over, tunnel under, and slink through holes in the netting; raccoons easily open the gate. So, in the end, all of the animals feast on a bumper crop while the good-natured gardener throws up her hands and sings, "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush... 'Round and 'round each year!" Humorous, whimsical watercolors depict the devious crew stealing off with the bounty and outwitting the human who seems resigned, yet again. A good choice for reading aloud.
      The American Gardener - November 1, 2007
    Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush by Iza Trapani stars some other critters that are perhaps less endearing to gardeners than earthworms, but will certainly charm young readers. Set to the children's song of the same name as the book, the stanzas tell the story of a gardener's efforts to keep a succession of marauders out of her vegetable patch. Rabbits, mice, groundhogs, deer, and raccoons all make an appearance, munching and crunching their way through the pages with gusto. This forces the gardener to perfect her fence again and again with equal determination until the at last she can only shrug and try to share. The colorful and sometimes intricate watercolor illustrations further bring this wild goose chase to life.