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Haunted Party
Haunted Party
Illustrated by: Iza Trapani   By author: Iza Trapani
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Binding Information: Hardback 
3  - 6
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Price: $16.95
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Count up and down for Halloween fun!

This humorous, rhyming book invites readers to count eerie party guests (1 to 10) as they arrive at the haunted house of the ghost. When the partygoers are frightened by a group of young trick-or-treaters, readers count backwards as the guests depart. A surprise ending offers a delightfully spooky twist.

Filled with Halloween party traditions, Iza Trapani's playful art is a treat for all.

This book is good for your brain because:
Halloween Customs and Traditions, Math/Counting

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    Binding Information: Paperback 
    ISBN: 978-1-58089-247-6
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    Price: $7.95

      School Library Journal - September 1, 2009
    A muted (but nicely contrasted) palette and creepy creatures inhabit this Halloween counting book: “3 gruesome goblins, gross and green,/With pointy ears that aren’t too clean,/Enjoy some really mean cuisine/At the haunted house of the ghost.” As skeletons boogie, vampires dunk for apples (dexterously speared on their fangs), and mummies play pin the tail on the monster, the ghost host serves ghoulish treats and sweeps up after the voluminously shedding werewolves. The growing melee makes counting each arriving group as challenging as it is entertaining. The party is a rollicking success–until the arrival of 10 adorable trick-or-treaters, who terrify the guests into a quick countdown as “9 morbid mummies flee and hide./8 wretched witches zoom outside./7 mean monsters tremble with fear./6 ghastly ghouls try to disappear” and so on, right down to the single ghost who has a surprise in store for readers. This funny, warmly illustrated rhyme makes an entertaining choice for holiday storytimes.
      Kirkus Reviews - July 15, 2009
    One ghost invites two "spooky skeletons," three "gruesome goblins," and so on up to nine "morbid mummies," all of whom have a rocking good time playing pin-the-tail-on-the-werewolf and smashing pumpkins. Trapani's serviceable verse counts up monster by monster in rhyming triplets with the refrain, "At the haunted house of the ghost." Her cheery watercolors enliven the verse, depicting grinning ghouls enjoying themselves, the ghostly host in black tie floating about offering eyeballs and coffee. Kids will particularly enjoy the vile vampire with a bobbed apple impaled on each fang. When ten "cute children, sunny and sweet," come to the door "[p]olitely chanting, 'Trick or Treat,'" a speedy countdown of terrified party guests begins, a last wicked surprise keeping the book from cloying like too many candy corn.
      Curled Up With a Good Kid's Book - August 25, 2009
    Ghost is throwing a party at his house on Halloween night. He doesn't have to decorate too much because his house already looks haunted, but he enhances the Halloween ambience by providing Halloween-themed snacks, games, and music - bobbing for apples for the werewolves and vampires, pumpkin-carving for the ghouls ,and pin-the-tail-on-the-rat for the mummies.

    Ghost keeps busy during the party by sweeping up loose werewolf fur, serving coffee for the late arrival, and monitoring the pumpkin-smashing that starts when the monsters arrive. Ghost's house is getting messy and crowded, but he doesn't stop the party. It only comes to a halt when ten trick-or-treaters knock on the door!

    Children can interact with this holiday book by counting the various Halloween guests that arrive at Ghost's house. The numbers one to ten appear twice in bold text. Little readers can count from one to ten during the first half of the book as the guests arrive, then from ten to one in the second half as the guests quickly leave. Children can also get involved with the story by repeating the line "at the haunted house of the ghost" that appears at the end of every page during the first half of the book.

    In Ghost's haunted house, the curtains are ragged, the windows have holes, the shutters are hanging, and some of the floorboards are curling up. Spiders live in the corners, something with white eyeballs lives under the floor, and a gray rat and a black cat wander wherever they like.

    As for Ghost, he has no feet - he floats. A thoughtful spook, he wears a black bowtie to his party and lines his dark entranceway with two lit jack-o'-lanterns the night of the party. Children will see an unexpected side of Ghost at the end of the story though - and, depending on who is reading the story, they may jump in surprise!

    The illustrations Haunted Party are rendered in watercolor, colored pencil and ink. Darker colors are used throughout but light from the full moon brightens up the page so readers can easily see the text and focus on the characters in the story. In addition, the Halloween colors red, orange and yellow brighten up the pages, coloring small details such as a blindfold, witches' socks, balloons and noisemakers.

    The characters in this story are not too frightening in appearance. The goblins walk around with too-small t-shirts and untied shoelaces. The skeletons have huge smiles (and all their teeth), and the werewolves are more tricksters than scary beasts. One of the werewolves can be seen sneaking a clove of garlic into a vampire's pocket.

    Born in Poland, Iza Trapani has written and illustrated over fifteen books for children, including Baa Baa Black Sheep, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Shoo Fly!, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Her new book, Haunted Party, makes an excellent addition to a Halloween story time.
      Publishers Weekly - September 1, 2009
    One “very busy” ghostly host wearing a bow tie prepares for a party in this fun counting book. When the raucous party guests arrive, they include “3 gruesome goblins, gross and green,” “4 wild werewolves, very hairy” and “8 wretched witches, riding on brooms.” But the most fearsome of all are “10 cute children, sunny and sweet... Politely chanting, ‘Trick or Treat!’ ” who scare away the various monsters. The guests’ outrageous antics and the more-marshmallow-than-menacing host (though it does get one final scare in) make it a good pick for the Halloween-hesitant.
      Children's Literature - October 1, 2009
    This clever counting book in rhyme coaxes the reader to be perceptive by adding and subtracting the party guests coming and going from the ghost's house. More and more guests arrive for the party until the pages are filled with their antics, including carving pumpkins, dancing, and generally making a mess of things. The reader is easily caught up in the illustrations to find and count the many different characters portrayed--from skeletons to werewolves to witches and mummies--all of which are wonderfully drawn by the author. The poetry works well, especially when read aloud, and is delightful. The double page spread with all the children trick or treating is a good visual break in the illustrations and pulls the reader more into the story. As the party guests rush to leave in fear of the children partygoers, the reader counts backwards until there is only the ghost left. But is he frightened? Unusual counting concepts, humorous illustrations, all nicely put together with a surprise twist to the ending.
      The Associated Press - October 11, 2009
    Ghost is having a Halloween patry, and his guests are just what you'd expect, from two spooky skeletons that dance up a storm, three gruesome goblins that love eating the mean cuisine, all the way to nine morbid mummies. As the party rocks on, the doorbell rings again, and this time it's 10 cute children who've come to trick or treat. When the spooky guests see the children, they flee in terror of the very scary-looking kids. The ghost however, is not scared. As a matter of fact, he has a surprise for the chidlren. A rollicking, rhyming counting tale with just the right does of spookiness, "Haunted Party" will appeal to kids in every way.
      A Patchwork of Books - October 17, 2009

    Haunted Party, written and illustrated by Iza Trapani is filled with rhyming and counting, starting with our 1 ghost host and working up to 10 trick or treaters at the door, then working back down to 1 again.

    All sorts of creatures attend the Haunted Party, including goblins, werewolves, and vampires, but all are written about in very non-scary rhymes. It's not the best set of rhyming verses I've ever seen, but the cute enough that kids will enjoy it.

    Filled with typical Halloween traditions, such as bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, and all the "creatures of the night," this is a nice intro to Halloween for little kiddos.

      Courier Journal - October 29, 2009
    In this rhyming counting book, one dapper ghost holds a Halloween party attended by two spooky skeletons, three gruesome goblins, four wild werewolves etc. (Look for “The Scream” in the crowd of six ghastly ghouls.) Ten cute children who ring the bell to trick-or-treat send everyone scurrying in reverse order — except for the ghostly host, who provides a little scare at the end. Trapani's richly detailed watercolor and ink illustrations are delightful.
      Aptos Times - October 15, 2009
    Let your child hone his or her counting skills as you read this book aloud. Ghost is hosting a Halloween party for all of his friends and he's been very busy, but now's it's time to greet his guests. With a pair of spooky skeletons, a trio of gruesome goblins, and an assortment of werewolves, vampires, ghastly ghouls, mean monsters, witches, and mummies, it looks like it's going to be quite a party.

    But when ten cute children, sunny and sweet, knock on the door chanting, "Trick or Treat!", Ghost's guests all quickly depart. Why is this gruesome gang so anxious to flee? They quake and quiver, shake and shiver, because, alas, they're deathly afraid of the happy youngsters. Only Ghost is left to scare the kids away with a hearty "BOO!", which seems to do the trick!

    Counting the guests as they arrive and then rapidly leave the haunted mansion is part of the fun of this special Halloween picture book.
      The Children's Bookshelf - October 7, 2009
    Haunted Party written and illustrated by Iza Trapani is a charming counting book designed around a very good story. It all begins when one ghost decides to give a Halloween party for his friends. He invites two spooky skeletons, three gruesome goblins, four wild werewolves, five vile vampires, six ghastly ghouls, seven mean monsters, eight wretched witches and nine morbid mummies. These spooky, witchy, wretched figures are full of tricks and, at the same time, very playful, lovable and afraid of their very own shadow. When ten cute kids come to the door dressed up as a lion, a rabbit, a princess, a prince, a cat, little red riding hood, a ladybug, a fairy, a fireman and a cowboy fright takes over!

    The mummies hide, the eight witches fly out the window, the monsters tremble, the ghouls disappear, the goblins quake and the skeletons shake. Soon the counting precedes backwards from nine to eight to seven and so on as they all retreat and exit the party. Young children will enjoy seeing the bad monsters scared off by the cute kids.

    The darling illustrations are done in ink, colored pencils, and watercolor. They are drawn with many humorous details. I really like the six ghastly ghouls. One looks very much like the figure in Edvard Munch’s The Scream but far cuter. Particularly funny is the picture of the seven mean monsters jumping out from behind closed doors, rattling noise- makers and trying to distract the ghastly ghouls as they carve faces on Halloween pumpkins. Another fun-filled illustration shows the wretched witches on brooms making flight patterns near the ceiling as the nine morbid mummies try to carry on with the party by continuing a game of pin the tail on the rat.

    The final pages hold the answer to a very interesting question---who of all the monsters is scared the most? “ BOO! Not the ghost!” says the text.