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T-Rex Is in Trouble
T-Rex Is in Trouble

Product Code: 
Binding Information: Board book 
3  - 5
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Price: $7.95
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Books and puzzles--all in one!

With two cool flaps and jigsaw pieces on every spread, plus adventure-filled stories featuring adorable dinosaurs and dolphins, these puzzle books offer JUMBO fun!

The read-and-play format is irresistible: each board book has SIX colorful jigsaws built right in. When they've completed them, children can then take the six jigsaws and connect them in whatever shape and pattern they want. The result is one giant, impressive floor puzzle that’s up to four feet long.

Throughout, young readers will enjoy answering questions about the story and lifting the flaps to see if they're right. It's great interactive entertainment!

It's T-Rex's birthday! He can't wait for his party, but when he gets stuck in a gooey tar pit, it looks as if he'll miss all the fun. Soon, his dinosaur friends are pitching in to help him out. But no dino can do it alone. Will they find a way to work together and help T-Rex have a happy day?

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