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Bizarre Sex Laws: An Around-the-World Peek Into the Strange and Unexpected
Bizarre Sex Laws: An Around-the-World Peek Into the Strange and Unexpected
By author: Gregory LaFarge
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The only thing more fun than reading about these laws . . . is breaking them!

Rules are meant to be broken—and no rules are more fun to break than those trying to control sex. But that never stopped governments, religions, and other institutions from trying their darndest to put a damper on our natural human instincts. Hoping to enjoy sex that’s out of this world? Not on the International Space Station, you won’t: it’s banned. Did riding that motorcycle with your honey get you hot and bothered? Well, if you’re in England, better find a room, because it’s illegal to fornicate on a parked bike there.

And there are plenty of other spoilsports out to ruin our good times:

  • Even though Nevada is the lone state in the U.S. to allow prostitution, it’s only legal in a brothel—most of which are located in rural areas. Otherwise you might pay a fine of $1000.
  • Everyone wants to join the Mile High Club—and many hoped the added amenity of double beds in the Singapore Airlines’ A380 Airbus flights would make realizing that dream easier (and more comfortable) than ever. No go: a company spokesperson confirmed that taking advantage of the extra space is unacceptable behavior.
  • Sex behind the wheel is officially against the law in many U.S. states, but in a recent survey, 1 in 7 admitted to engaging in this thrilling, but dangerous behavior.

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