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Teddy Bear Math
Teddy Bear Math
By author: Barbara Barbieri McGrath   Illustrated by: Tim Nihoff
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Binding Information: Paperback 
5  - 8
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Price: $7.95

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The bears are back in this sequel to the popular Teddy Bear Counting. Thsi time they take math tot he next level, exploring graphing, estimation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and ordinal numbers.

Playful rhymes and hands-on interaction make this book perfect for use with bear counters and other classroom manipulatives.

This book is good for your brain because:
Patterns, counting, Graphing and collecting data, mathematics

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    Binding Information: Hardback 
    ISBN: 978-1-58089-283-4
    Availability: In Stock
    Price: $16.95

      Publishers Weekly - May 9, 2011
    The colorful, chunky bears that first appeared in Teddy Bear Counting introduce more advanced concepts like estimation, graphing, division, and multiplication in this squat book. McGrath uses rhyming verse to guide readers; on a spread containing a graph with the glinting bears divided by color, she advises: "Write down the total/ you see in each row./ Let's see if your guess/ was too high or too low." Nihoff incorporates digital hands that point to and reach for the bears, emphasizing their resemblance to counting manipulatives. Though the bears feel surprisingly animated (especially when they open their arms and tumble in air), the book will be most effective when used with the bears' plastic counterparts (not included). Ages 5-8.
      School Library Journal - June 1, 2011
    Similar in style to McGrath’s Teddy Bear Counting (Charlesbridge, 2010), this picture book uses a rainbow of bears to explore sorting, graphing, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and ordinal numbers. Despite the rhyming text and bright illustrations hand drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop, readers may get more out of Stuart J. Murphy’s “MathStart” series (HarperCollins) or Greg Tang’s math riddle books (Scholastic), where one concept is introduced as the topic for the book rather than several at once. This book would make a great preview to using bear counters as math tools and is best suited for early-learning classrooms where children have access to these manipulatives.
      BayViews - June 1, 2011
    Using brightly colored, small teddy bears, this book teaches graphing, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and ordinal numbers. The Photoshop illustrations are simple but effective, and the colorful bears will catch many children’s eyes. Children who have access to bears of their own, which are sold separately, and the help of a savvy adult should be able to work their way through the many concepts. McGrath’s earlier teddy bear book, Teddy Bear Counting (2010), was perhaps more effective as it introduced fewer ideas.
      Sugar Pop Ribbons - June 29, 2011
    Teddy Bear Math is a wonderful book to use as a tool to teach your kids basic math. Through simple descriptions, the book is able to capture and express the basic concepts behind addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We used gummy bears to work through the book with her. However, because DD kept on eating the gummy bears, we realized that it was not a good idea. So we printed out some teddy bear images to do the math with her and that is working out much better.