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I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog
I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog
Performed by: Peter, Paul And Mary   Lyrics by: Leslie Braunstein   Illustrated by: Joshua S. Brunet
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Binding Information: Hardback w/CD 
4 and up
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Includes a 3-Song CD recorded by legendary trio, Peter, Paul and Mary.

Witty, wonderful, and slyly fun, the song "I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog" was a huge hit for Peter, Paul and Mary in 1967, and has been a favorite in classrooms, camps, and at sing-alongs ever since. Not only do children delight in the playful tune, but adults also embrace its lyrics, which gently send a message of tolerance in the most light-hearted, humorous way.

As this one-of-a-kind couple shows, their mix is a happy one-and proof that being a little unconventional can be a beautiful thing. Up-and-coming artist Joshua S. Brunet creates an amusing and lively world, filled with an unforgettable cast of characters. An accompanying CD features Peter, Paul and Mary's irresistible recording of the song, as well as two other tunes specially recorded for the book: "Froggy Went A'Courtin," sung by Peter Yarrow, and "Inside," sung by Noel Paul Stookey.

So, who's in love with a big blue frog? YOU will be once you read this entertaining book!

This book is good for your brain because:
Strong picture/text support, story elements, classic nursery rhymes, promotes reading and literacy, tolerance and acceptance

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  • Reviews
      Kirkus Reviews - January 1, 2013
    Braunstein's song about racial tolerance comes to 21st-century readers in this picture book, which would not be complete without the enclosed CD recording by Peter, Paul and Mary.

    Brunet's zany, realistic illustrations vividly portray both the love between the freckled redhead and the tall, lanky blue Dr. Phrog (he has a Ph.D.) and the discrimination they face as a result of their "interracial" relationship despite the frog's solid background, education and family. Both humans and animals fill the huge, full-bleed spreads, in a town that is obviously populated by both, but in no other context do readers see the species mixing. An elephant shields its calf's eyes from the sight of the two sipping from one glass at the soda fountain while the human soda jerk looks on this approvingly; homogeneous family groups play at the playground (and on the next page, the narrator imagines her fabulous frog/human children). The final illustration departs from this hostility, showing the couple handing out frog-shaped ice-cream pops to the locals, who sport "I heart Phrog" shirts and buttons. While this is certainly a positive development, readers will wonder exactly how the turnaround happened. A "Performers' Note" explains the song's historical background.

    An interesting take on discrimination and acceptance that will introduce young readers to the sound of an influential musical group.

      Richie's Picks - January 16, 2013
    "Huntington -- A civil rights committee, which sent Negro and white members posing as prospective home buyers to real estate brokers in this township over the weekend, charged yesterday that 19 of the 20 brokers tested discriminated against Negroes. The group said it would send its findings to state officials to seek interdisciplinary action. The Huntington Township Committee on Human Relations said about 35 Negro and white members visited 21 Huntington brokers Saturday. Mrs. Joyce Insolia, co-chairman of the committee, said the prospective white buyers were shown numerous homes by brokers who had told Negro customers that they had no houses to show or had taken them on tours of homes in substantially Negro neighborhoods."
    -- "LI Group Finds Realty Bias," NEWSDAY, January 21, 1963 (Exactly a year before my parents moved us to a new home in that same township)

    "Yes, and, how many years can some people exist
    Before they're allowed to be free?
    Yes, and, how many times can a man turn his head
    Pretending he just doesn't see"
    -- Bob Dylan song performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, April 24, 1971 in Washington DC, for the half-million of us who traveled there to protest the Vietnam War.

    It is so weird how these things sometimes work. I was researching in the library over in Glen Rock yesterday for a few hours. I then walked a few miles back in the dark, with a few borrowed books in my backpack, which just happened to include a copy of THE PETER YARROW SONGBOOK: SONGS FOR LITTLE FOLKS, which is a wonderful combination picture book and CD containing a bunch of traditional kids songs that Peter - from Peter, Paul and Mary -- recorded with his daughter Bethany.

    Walking into the lobby, just before the snow started, I found a newly-delivered box of books waiting for me. When I got upstairs and pried it open, I discovered a copy of a brand-new picture book/CD combination featuring an old Peter, Paul and Mary song (written by Les Braunstein). I didn't recall the song, but I loaded the CD into the laptop, opened the picture book, and as sure as heck understood what this on-the-surface goofy song was all about as soon as they got to the part that goes:

    "The neighbors are against it and it's clear to me,
    And it's prob'ly clear to you,
    They think value on their property will go right down
    If the family next door is blue."

    Having been a Long Island kid who grew up reading NEWSDAY every day, and who saw a nearly-completed new house in our new neighborhood somehow burn to the ground (Guess who was moving into it.), I am so moved by this song -- which is a piece of our history -- and the treatment given it in this book.

    Back in those days, you needed the imagination of John Lennon -- and then some -- to envision a day when the country would vote to have a black family live in the nation's most famous house. No matter how much I talk about it, I don't think my kids could ever begin to imagine how exciting it is for me -- have lived through those days -- to see so many of our dreams coming to fruition.

    Anyway, you should watch this great performance on YouTube of BIG BLUE FROG at Peter, Paul and Mary's twenty-fifth anniversary concert in 1986.

    And once you get a hold of this book, be sure to watch for details like the sheep with the new For Sale sign on their front lawn.

      School Library Journal - February 1, 2013
    They're an unconventional pair. She's just a nice human girl, but he's 6'3", a great swimmer, wears glasses, has a PhD, and by the way--he's blue. From tadpoles to grand-frog, his family welcomes her, but the neighbors are fundamentally against blues on their block. With painted art that seamlessly combines cartoon images and digital techniques, joyous emotions contrast with steely glances of disapproval against backgrounds of vivid color. Font changes to emphasize the text, and angles perspectives move readers from page to page. The accompanying CD includes Peter, Paul, and Mary's 1967 recording with lilt, charm, and folk instrumentation, followed by a 2012 recording by Peter Yarrow of "The Froggy Went a Courtin'" and Noel Paul Stookey's Inside (1986). A CD discography and illustrator's and performer's notes conclude the book, giving readers a historical reference for this song and its initial performance by Peter, Paul and Mary. This book will find a home both in music classrooms to hear folk styling or to entertain another generation of fans.