From PEN America on book bans:

"Books are under profound attack in the United States. They are disappearing from library shelves, being challenged in droves,
being decreed off limits by school boards, legislators, and prison authorities. And everywhere, it is the books that have long fought for a place
on the shelf that are being targeted. Books by authors of color, by LGBTQ+ authors, by women. Books about racism, sexuality,
gender, history. PEN America pushes back against the banning of books and the intolerance, exclusion, and censorship that undergird it."

Charlesbridge joins PEN America, Unite Against Book Bans (UABB), the American Library Association (ALA), American Booksellers for Free Expression (ABFE), We Need Diverse Books (WNDB), Authors Against Book Bans (AABB), our fellow publishers, and so many more to combat the rising threat against the freedom to read and write. We believe that restricting access to books and other reading material in schools and libraries violates those freedoms and inhibits a child's education and their future success.

RIF said it best: "Reading is Fundamental."

Check out the Book Résumés at UABB to understand the importance of these banned and challenged books from Charlesbridge, and many more.

Banned Books

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