All You Need Is a Pencil<br /><font size=2>The Totally Sick Sick-Day Activity Book</font>

All You Need Is a Pencil
The Totally Sick Sick-Day Activity Book

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By: Mark Shulman

Just what the doctor ordered!

No one likes to be sick, but if you’re stuck at home with the sniffles, you’ll feel a lot better with these fun and funny puzzles and activities. Dozens of activities, quizzes, games, and puzzles will keep kids busy when a temperature has kept them home from school. Learn about famous doctors, unscramble medical marvels, and solve sickly problems for hours of unplugged entertainment while on the mend!

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Mark Shulman, author

Mark Shulman has written many books about many things--sharks, storms, robots, palindromes, gorillas, Star Wars, Ben Franklin, and more. Mark is from Rochester and Buffalo, New York, but he has lived in New York City for many years.


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ISBN: 9781623540944

Ages: 7-10
Page count: 144
7 x 9

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