Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards

Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards

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By: Jonathan Dee

Will luck be a lady tonight?

There's no need to use tarot cards to learn what the future holds; a regular deck of playing cards will do the trick—as long as you know how to read them. With this easy-to-follow guide, anyone can learn how to translate the four suits of the tarot into the more familiar hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. It begins by describing the meaning of the cards; their individual symbolism, keywords, and astrological associations; and the significance of their numbers. Would-be fortune tellers can then delve further into card-reading history and different (yet interrelated) strands of interpretation—including the Romany method, which uses a reduced pack of thirty-two cards, and the "Petit Normand" system, derived from the work of Marie Anne Lenormand, who read cards for Empress Josephine.

Each section showcases a series of spreads at the end, and tip boxes occur frequently throughout, providing advice and fascinating historical background. Special advice on interpretation includes an in-depth look at traditional romantic games and readings. There are even suggestions on how to do a quick reading when you're short on time—so you'll always know what's in the cards!

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Jonathan Dee, author

Jonathan Dee was a professional astrologer, tarot card reader, and clairvoyent and worked extensively throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. Jonathan was a recognized historian and mythologist, publishing many books on Egyptology, mythology, astrology, tarot, and history.

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