Advance Review Copies from Charlesbridge

Of Salt and Shore  |  Lampie has always been a responsible kid. With a vanished mother, an alcoholic father, and a lighthouse to run, she has to be. But one night, disaster strikes: the lighthouse lamp goes out and a ship is wrecked. Lampie is packed off in disgrace to work off the debt at the Admiral's ominously nicknamed Black House. When the stories of the Black House monster turn out to conceal a marvelous secret, Lampie discovers a world of wonder. This spellbinding what-if sequel to The Little Mermaid stars pirates, mermaids, carnival curiosities, and one girl's fight for friendship, freedom, and the right to be different.

Above All Else  |  Teenage mountaineering prodigies Rose Keller and Tate Russo have been training their whole lives for the ultimate climb: Everest. But between Rose's ailing mother, Tate's demanding father, and a simmering will-they-won't-they romance, neither teen's head is fully in the game. Everyone on this expedition has something to prove; exhaustion and oxygen deprivation steadily chip away at their ability to make good decisions. The higher they climb, the more isolated each team member becomes. Rose and Tate will have to dig deep to determine what—or who—they value above all else.

Evolution  |  Book Three of the Dark Matter Trilogy.  |  Caught up in Dr. Cross's mysterious and brutal Multiverse cult, Shay must pretend to be a devoted cultist while secretly plotting her escape. There's a wrench in the works: Dr. Cross has the real Callie – and she doesn't remember anything about her old life. What's more, Dr. Cross plans to use Shay as the carrier for a new plague that will end humanity as we know it. Meanwhile, Freyja seizes her chance to poison Kai against Shay. Can Kai bring his stepfather's crimes to light? Can Shay thwart his plans before it's too late?