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News & Reviews (Week of September 23)


To kick off the 150th anniversary of college football, Harvard University will be promoting Follow Chester!, Gloria's in-stadium signing, and honoring Chester Pierce live tonight during their home opener vs. Brown!

Here's what is planned:

1. A graphic to promote Follow Chester! and Gloria's in-stadium signing information will be on their stadium's giant videoboard, pregame from 6-7pm.

2. During the first TV timeout, they will repost the Follow Chester! graphic on the videoboard and have a PA announcement with information on the book/signing.

3. At the end of the First Quarter, Harvard will show a "This Moment in Harvard History" video tribute on Chester Pierce's courageous act, traveling with Harvard and playing UVA in Charlottesville. Once the video is finished, they plan to cut to a live shot of the Pierce Family members that will be in attendance and on the field while Chester Pierce copy will be read.

Gloria was also interviewed by the voice of Harvard Sports Radio's football play-by-play guy, Bernie Corbett! (Aired Thursday, 9/26, will try to get a transcript or link to listen to it)

She will be joining Bernie in the booth during halftime tonight for a live interview, as well!

The Children's Book Council chose SumoKitty, Alfred's Book of Monsters, and Did You Burp? for the September 2019 Hot Off the Press list!


Publishers Weekly
Friend or Fiction
September 23, 2019
""[A] magic-touched, relatable middle school story. . ."

The Children's Bookroom
Alfred's Book of Monsters
September 16, 2019

Midwest Book Review
Cavekid Birthday
September 2019
Cavekid Birthday is a charming children's picturebook set in prehistoric times (but apparently not before the tradition of birthday presents was established). Cavegirl trades her cherished tool collection for a gift for Caveboy, while Caveboy trades his beloved rock collection for a gift for Cavegirl. Then the time to exchange presents arrives - but could there be a better option for them to celebrate the special day than just sacrificing their favorite things for one another? Cavekid Birthday is silly yet thoughtful, and simply fun to read aloud and share.

Kirkus Reviews
Not a Butterfly
October 15, 2019
"It's about time moths had their own book! "Pallotta extends his many topical alphabet books (most recently The Crab Alphabet Book, illustrated by Tom Leonard, 2019) with this seeming rebuttal to the glut of butterfly books. Collaborator Bersani's Prismacolor pencil and Photoshop illustrations are hands-down the stars here. Up-close pictures in brilliant, naturalistic colors and patterns dazzle the eye and will surely send readers out the door to hunt for some moth species. (The absence of a map and info about individual species' ranges may hamper them, though.) Pallotta rounds out the single large-font sentence identifying the letter of the alphabet and the species ("G is for Green Lips Moth") with a paragraph of information. These vary widely in both amount of information and relevance, many of them addressing moths in general rather than a specific moth. C (cow moth), for instance, talks about how most moths land (wings spread, as opposed to butterflies, which usually land with their wings folded), and D (diamond moth) makes a snarky comparison to a Delta Dart fighter jet. Though several pages talk about ways moths camouflage themselves, it's not until the letter I that the term is used: "This yellow moth is camouflaged when sitting on a yellow flower." Other entries teach readers about wing scales, anatomy, moths' attraction to light, their life cycle, a bit about what they eat and what eats them, and a few other differences between moths and butterflies. Indeed, moths do deserve to be recognized, and this a good springboard.