The Dark Matter Trilogy

A SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT GOES WRONG, and a deadly epidemic sweeps through Scotland. It's a painful way to die, and there is no cure. Cities are quarantined. Scotland's borders are patrolled by the military. Only five percent of the population is immune.

ContagionContagion is the breathless first installment of the Dark Matter Trilogy.

Callie has been missing for a year, experimented on, infected, and cured. But the so-called cure has changed her—killed her—and now she's on the hunt for the man responsible.

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Available July 9, 2019


DeceptionBook #2 of the Dark Matter Trilogy.

Shay, one of the rare survivors of a deadly epidemic, has surrendered herself to the authorities because she believes she's a carrier of the disease. Along with other survivors, she unwillingly becomes a test subject in an effort to find a cure.

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Coming October 2019

Book #3


The exciting conclusion hits shelves Summer 2020.