Downloadable Book Covers (S-Z)

All cover files are high resolution (300 dpi), and saved in jpeg format (zipped).

Covers are organized alphabetically:

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Samurai Rising Hi Res

Santa Retires - Hi Res

Santa's New Jet - Hi Res

Saturdays with Hitchcock - Hi Res

Science Stunts - Hi Res

Scrubba Dub, Carlos - Hi Res

The Sea Mammal Alphabet BookHi Res

The Searcher and Old Tree - Hi Res

Seashells - Hi Res

The Seashore Book - Hi Res

Secret Sabertooth - Hi Res

Secrets of the Cirque Medrano - Hi Res

Select - Hi Res

Select Few - Hi Res

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Hi Res

The Shadow in the Moon - Hi Res 

Shoo Fly! - Hi Res

She Sells Seashells - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Fracton Faire - Hi Res

Sir Cumference Gets Decima's Point - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Off-the-Charts Dessert - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Roundabout Battle - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone - Hi Res

Sir Cumference and the Viking's Map - Hi Res

Sir Cumference Classroom Activities - Hi Res

Sitka Rose - Hi Res

The Skull Alphabet Book - Hi Res

Smoothies, Smoothies & More Smoothies!Hi Res

Sneed B. Collard III's Most Fun Book Ever About Lizards - Hi Res

Snowman - Cold = Puddle - Hi Res

Snowmobile: Bombardier's Dream Machine - Hi Res

Snow School - Hi Res

So Far Up - Hi Res

So Light, So Heavy - Hi Res

Soldier Sister, Fly Home - Hi Res

Someone Else's Shoes - Hi Res

Someone New - Hi Res

Somos un arco iris/We Are a Rainbow - Hi Res

Sonny's Bridge - Hi Res

Spectacular Friendship Bracelets - Hi Res

Spectacular Nail Art - Hi Res

The Spiritual Mandela - Hi Res

Spit & Sticks - Hi Res

Spring Blossoms - Hi Res

Squawk of Spanish - Hi Res

Squirrel Needs a Break - Hi Res

Startling Stereograms - Hi Res

Steam, Smoke, and Steel - Hi Res

Step Inside! A Look Inside Animal Homes - Hi Res

Stolen Stegosaurus - Hi Res

Stone Giant - Hi Res

The Storm - Hi Res

Stretch to the Sun - Hi Res

Strong as Sandow - Hi Res

Struttin' with Some Barbecue - Hi Res

Subway Ride - Hi Res

Sudoku-Utopia - Hi Res

SumoKitty - Hi Res

Super Gear - Hi Res

The Superlative A. Lincoln - Hi Res

Sushi: The Beginner's Guide - Hi Res

Sushi Specials - Hi Res

Sweet Magnolia - Hi Res

Sydney & Simon: Full Steam Ahead! - Hi Res

Sydney & Simon: Go Green! - Hi Res

Sydney & Simon: To the Moon! - Hi Res


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Tagged - Hi Res

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Hi Res

Taking a Knee, Taking a Stand - Hi Res

A Taste of Latin America - Hi Res

Tea Culture - Hi Res

Teddy Bear Addition - Hi Res

Teddy Bear Counting - Hi Res

Teddy Bear Math - Hi Res

Teddy Bear Patterns - Hi Res

Teddy Bear SubtractionHi Res

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, School Day Math - Hi Res

Telling Time - Hi Res

Thanksgiving Counting - Hi Res

Thirsty, Thirsty Elephants - Hi Res

This is a Book to Read with a Worm - Hi Res

This is Our Earth - Hi Res

ThriftStyle - Hi Res

Tiger Boy - Hi Res

Tita y Ben - Hi Res

Toads and Tessellations - Hi Res

To Be a Kid - Hi Res

To Be an Artist - Hi Res

To the Stars! - Hi Res

Too Hot? Too Cold? - Hi Res

Tooling Around - Hi Res

Tooth Tales from Around the World - Hi Res

Too Young for Yiddish - Hi Res

Tough Puzzles for Smart Kids - Hi Res

The Train Your Brain ChallengeHi Res

The Train Your Brain Mind Exercise - Hi Res

The Train Your Brain Mind Games - Hi Res

The Train Your Brain Workout - Hi Res

A Trapezoid Is Not a Dinosaur! Hi Res

Trapped! - Hi Res

Trinity of Bones - Hi Res

Trout Are Made of Trees - Hi Res

Truck Stuck - Hi Res

Turn of the Century - Hi Res

Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! - Hi Res

Twice Dead - Hi Res

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Hi Res

Two-Bite Cupcakes - Hi Res


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The Ugly Vegetables - Hi Res

Uncle Rain Cloud - Hi Res

Under the Freedom Tree - Hi Res

Under the Mambo Moon - Hi Res

Undercover GirlHi Res

The Underwater Alphabet Book - Hi Res

Underwater Counting - Hi Res

Unexplained Zodiac - Hi Res

Unite or Die - Hi Res

Up & Down - Hi Res

Up To My Knees! - Hi Res

Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper - Hi Res

USA Word Search - Hi Res

U.S. Navy Alphabet Book - Hi Res


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Valentine's ShapesHi Res

The Vegetable Alphabet Book - Hi Res

Ve lo que dices/See What You Say - Hi Res

The Very Berry Counting Book - Hi Res

A Very Improbable Story - Hi Res

The Very Tiny Baby - Hi Res

Vinnie and Abraham - Hi Res

Volcano Rising - Hi Res

Vole and Troll - Hi Res

Voyager's Greatest Hits - Hi Res


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Waiting for Ice - Hi Res

Waiting for Pumpsie - Hi Res

Wangari Maathai - Hi Res

War Dogs - Hi Res

A Warmer World - Hi Res

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga - Hi Res

We Are Not Refugees - Hi Res

We Are a Rainbow - Hi Res

We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt - Hi Res

Welcoming Elijah - Hi Res

Whale Snow - Hi Res

What Color Is a Kiss?Hi Res

What Fossils Tell Us Hi Res

What REALLY Happened to Humpty? - Hi Res

What We Wear - Hi Res

What Will Fit?Hi Res

What Will You Be, Sara Mee? - Hi Res

What's for Dinner? - Hi Res

What's Up, Chuck? Hi Res

What's Your Angle, Pythagoras - Hi Res

When You Wish Upon a Star - Hi Res

Which One Doesn't Belong? Hi Res

Whiskers, Tails, and Wings - Hi Res

The White House Is Burning - Hi Res

White House Kids - Hi Res

Whoopie PiesHi Res

Whoosh! - Hi Res

Whose Footprint Is That? - Hi Res

Whose Poop Is That? - Hi Res

Wicked Word Search for Kids - Hi Res

Wiggle and Waggle - Hi Res

Wild About Bears - Hi Res

Will We Miss Them? - Hi Res

Will's Words - Hi Res

A Window into the Ocean Twilight ZoneHi Res

Wings - Hi Res

Wings to Soar - Hi Res

Wired - Hi Res

Wood-Hoopoe Willie - Hi Res

Woodstock - Hi Res

Write On, Carlos! - Hi Res

Write To Me - Hi Res


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Yes! We Are Latinos - Hi Res

The Young Healer - Hi Res

You See a Circus...I See... - Hi Res

You're Invited to a Moth Ball - Hi Res

The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book - Hi Res

Yum! Yuck! - Hi Res

The Yummy Alphabet Book - Hi Res


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Zachary Zormer, Shape Transformer - Hi Res


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