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Ellie May is a second-grader with big ideas and a big heart to match

The week before Presidents' Day, Ellie May wants nothing more than to be class flag leader. Tired of being passed over, she embarks on a campaign to become more presidential: karate-chopping the class plant like George Washington and the cherry tree, taking apart the class pencil sharpener when she learns that Abraham Lincoln liked learning how gadgets work. As her efforts escalate, she learns that honesty and patience can be the most presidential qualities of all. 

Ellie May can't believe her class is allowed to celebrate April Fools' Day--so long as it's done in good fun. When her tricks and pranks spiral out of control, can she make things right? Ellie May may not be perfect like Miss-Know-it-All Ava, or calm and rational like her best friend Lizzy, but she's good-hearted and eventually realizes that the best trick is to make friends genuinely laugh--at no one's expense.

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