Jim DeWildt

Author Jim DeWildtJim DeWildt was a graduating senior with honors from the prestigious Kendall College of Art and Design when he was selected by Hallmark to illustrate their children's books. A dream come true, but he was drafted into the Vietnam War, and the dream vanished.

Thirty years later Jim DeWildt has an incredibly successful career as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. he is now back pursuing and accomplishing his dream of illustrating children's books, first with Hidden Cherries, the official children's book of the National Cherry Festival, and now the spectacular Hidden Pumpkins.

Jim's unique artistic talent lies in his ability to render masterfully in watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink and pencil. His work can be found across the country and overseas from private collections to prestigious corporate brochures to classic portraiture and now children's books.

Jim and his wife Manie live near Traverse City, Michigan and love to spend time with their four grown children.

Books by Jim DeWildt