Kaja Kajfež photoMy name is Kaja and I was born in a small but charming city of Varaždin, Croatia in 1992. I developed my love towards drawing as a child—my mum used to draw with me for hours which really sparked my interest in illustration early on.

What first started as experimentation in different traditional mediums led me to eventually invest in my first graphics tablet that steered my work into the digital realm. Since then I’m working completely digitally but love to add organic textures and brush strokes to my works that I still develop manually. My artistic passion together with my interest in computer technologies led me to get a degree in multimedia design and application at University North in Croatia, where I oriented towards visual communication. During my college years, I started getting freelance work thanks to which I was able to establish my own illustration studio that mainly focuses on illustration, lettering and surface pattern design.

Besides doing my dream job, I love to take long walks in nature, explore different historical periods, scroll through old picture books, listen to online concerts and spend time with my dog

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