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Featured Authors

Douglas R. Burgess, Jr.

Phyllis joins the Significant Lives Revisited panel at 10:15 AM to discuss her forthcoming memoir, Quilt of Souls.

Learn more in her pre-recorded conversation with editor, Kevin Stevens, available in our booth.

Douglas R. Burgess, Jr. joins editor Kevin Stevens in a discussion about the history of natural law and human rights from ancient Greece to modern America, which he writes about in his new book, When Hope and History Rhyme.

Todd Myers joins the Beautiful World panel  at 4:05 PM to discuss his forthcoming book, Time to Think Small, about how our small tech--such as cell phones--can solve the planets biggest problems.

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Additional Author Talks

Pre-recorded for your convenience.

Author and poet Jason Sommer recounts a journey he took with his Holocaust survivor father back to eastern Europe in search of the bridge where his uncle died and of his father's experience. 

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Dancer Ahmad Joudeh pursues his passion despite war, bigotry, hatred, and his status as a stateless refugee. He tells his story to editor Kevin Stevens.

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After losing his brother-in-law to cancer, author Jeff Belanger honors his memory and searches for hope on the trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

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Editor Kevin Stevens discusses the principals of liberal democracy that have carried the U.S. through previous crises, with author and economist Manuel Hinds, who lays out a plan for today's divided times.

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