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News & Reviews (Week of October 21)


Scholastic Book Club will be featuring We Are Grateful on their Judy Newman at Scholastic blog for the week of November 5-11!
This will include: During this one-week promotion we offer the book at a special discounted price for Book Clubs teachers and parents, and create five exciting blog posts that are featured online. In order to highlight this promotion, we send a dedicated email to our 108K+ subscribers, advertise it on the Book Clubs website, and create multiple social media posts to share throughout the week.

Baby Loves Science: Green Energy hits the silver screen on Chicago Med on NBC! (See attachment in email for clip)

B.F.F. - Book Friends Forever Podcast's Episode #35 - What Do We Do About Amazon? features The Ugly Vegetables, Yolanda Scott, and Charlesbridge!


Whose Footprint is That?
by Darrin Lunde and illustrated by Kelsey Oseid
November 15 issue
"Finally, footnotes readers will enjoy!"
Review not final and not suitable for quoting.

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October 28, 2019