School Event Ideas

Plan Ahead for Your Author/Illustrator Visit

Before the Visit:

  • Order a copy or copies of the author/illustrator’s book to read with the class(es).
  • Discuss the story and brainstorm questions for the author/illustrator.
  • Have students illustrate their favorite scene or scenes from the book and decorate the halls or classrooms with their work.
  • Create a banner or welcome sign for the author/illustrator to hang in the school lobby where parents, teachers, students, and the author will see it.
  • Send a letter and order form home to parents informing them of the visit.
  • Order the author/illustrator’s books and create a display in the school library or lobby.
  • Contact your local newspaper about the author/illustrator visit and place a blurb in your school newsletter publicizing the visit.

The Day of the Visit:

  • Assign “student ambassadors” to greet the author/illustrator and show them around the school.
  • Have students welcome the author/illustrator with a performance or recitation of his or her work.
  • Have any props (i.e. projector, easel, arts and crafts material, microphone, etc.) ready for the author/illustrator.
  • Provide refreshments and/or lunch for the author/illustrator.
  • Have a question and answer time, when the author/illustrator will call on students or choose a question from a hat that the students have prepared in advance.

After the Visit:

  • Have students write thank you letters or poems to the author.
  • Create a display with photographs of the event in the school library or lobby where parents, teachers, and students can see it.
  • Reread the author’s work and discuss students’ favorite moments from the visit.