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Danielle Greendeer
co-author of Keepunumuk: Weeâchumun's Thanksgiving Story

Join the Across the Curriculum panel. News and classroom-worthy topics are addressed in a wide-ranging selection of titles guaranteed to pique the interest of readers and educators.

2:45 PM in the Live Sessions Arena

In Conversation With
the authors of Keepunumuk: Weeâchumun's Thanksgiving Story

* "A much-needed Thanksgiving retelling that centers the Wamponoag people."
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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Author Talks

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Author Sarah Albee introduces twenty-one women from throughout history who broke with fashion and norms to do  groundbreaking things.


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Author Amanda Rawson Hill discusses her inspiring coming-of-age novel in verse about weathering the uncertainty that comes with family illness.

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Debut author Jennifer A. Irwin gives us a laugh-out-loud middle-grade novel about thirteen-year-old Will— who hates hockey and loves dancing—navigating school, bullies, and his father’s expectations.

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Author JaNay Brown-Wood introduces Tyson, the youngest-smaller than his four older brothers.

Stuart J. Murphy, a visual-learning expert races up the charts and graphs math success with kid-friendly content sure to help with homework.

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Author Sneed B. Collard III follows two endangered ocelots as they attempt to cross the border in this powerful picture book about the environmental impact of the Wall.
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