Insult Someone like Shakespeare!

Generate your own Shakespearean insult. Try it out on your friends and family! You can make as many as you like. How many can you memorize?
Look for Liam with Angus

If you had to run around Hollywood looking for someone, would you know where to go? Us, either! Use Google maps and map the route Angus, Zora, and Connor take to look for Liam. 

1. Open Google maps.

2. Set the mode of transport to walking.

3. Type in Houdini Estate Laurel Canyon first. Then add each stop. Click on the locations below to learn something more about each one.

You can also click here to see the route if you don’t want to put it in yourself. How long does it say it would take to walk all that way? (Remember that the kids take a bus from Houdini’s Estate to Guitar Center, so that makes their trip quicker!) 

Movie Night with Angus!

Watch a movie (or footage) with one of Angus’s favorite old-school heroes in it.
Hamlet (1948)

starring Laurence Olivier

The Wolf Man (1941)

starring Lon Chaney

The Gold Rush (1925)

starring Charlie Chaplin

• The Wizard of Oz (1939) is available to rent on several streaming platforms. Watch the original trailer here.

• The Phantom of the Opera (1925), starring Lon Chaney, is available on YouTube.

• The General (1926), starring Buster Keaton, is available on YouTube.

• The Kid (1921), starring Charlie Chaplin, is available for rent or free on several streaming platforms. See the famous fight scene here.

• Watch the footage of Harry Houdini’s famous 1923 escape from a straightjacket here.

Meet Angus's Heroes of the Silver Screen!

Lon Chaney

Charlie Chaplin

Harry Houdini

Rudolph Valentino

Buster Keaton

Judy Garland

Hamlet Is Cool!

You'll like it. (Just imagine if it had werewolves in it!)
Hamlet (1948)

starring Laurence Olivier

Werewolf Hamlet

by Kerry Madden-Lunsford

10-year-old Angus has the perfect plan for his fifth-grade legacy project: stage a performance of Hamlet, but with werewolves. Werewolf Hamlet

His 17-year-old brother Liam is like a werewolf now. Angus never knows if he'll be nice or mean or when he'll sneak out to get drunk or worse. 

The pressure is on at home, too. Mom and Dad are going to default on the mortgage. Older sister Hannah is fed up and ready to move herself from Los Angeles to Maine. Little sister Sidney doesn't really get what's going on. When Liam goes missing, Angus has to hunt through Hollywood to find him before his family falls apart for good.