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Animal Fights

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By: Catherine Ham

Animal fighting behaviors are explored in fun, whimsical verse.

Animals fight for many reasons—to protect territories, offspring, and mates, and sometimes just to warn against bad behavior—and in many different ways. Giraffes, for instance, attack each other by ramming heads, while turkeys and camels wrestle with their necks, and zebras fight with kicks and bites. Monkey fights look and sound ferocious, but are usually just talk.

More than two dozen animals are presented in action photos, while their fighting behaviors are explored in fun, whimsical verse.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Catherine Ham, author

An avid birdwatcher and hiker, Catherine Ham enjoys writing about animals she has seen in the wild. She is the author of several best-selling knitting books, including Weekend Crafter Knitting: 20 Simple Stylish Wearables for Beginners. Catherine lives in Austin, Texas.

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Editorial Reviews:

Children's Literature

Animals are amazing creatures that when studied can only be called one of a kind. With unique forms of survival along with some similar traits it is easy to see why many are fascinated by these creatures. With this sense of wonder Animal Fights brings to its readers various facts on how many animals defend themselves in their own habitats. Written in poetic verses each page includes a new animal along with a picture of two of that particular animal fighting amongst themselves. Some animals that are not included within the written portion are highlighted at the end of the book as a picture in a simple layout spread. This book would be a great classroom library edition or used to enhance a classroom project. Due to the format of the material readers have the ability to interact with the text by reading straight through or by visiting pages in the order of their own liking. –BriAnne Baxley, MLIS

Kutztown University Fall Book Review, 2012

Ham's book uses witty rhymes and captivating pictures to explain to children how animals protect themselves and their territory. Some short and some quite long, but each rhyme gives a small background about the animals and then explains what each animal does or uses to defend itself. The book is organized in such a way that it starts with mammals, then birds, fish, reptiles, and finally insects. Ham's book is an excellent tool for introducing elementary age children to what goes on in the animal kingdom. –Khayla Zaprazny, Staff, Tamaqua Public Library

Portland Book Review

Pow! Rip! Pinch! Chomp! Stand back- these are the sounds of animals battling! Two zebras use strong back legs to deliver powerful kicks. Rhinos fight using their big horns. A camel, born without a horn, only has teeth to bite its opponent. Gnaw!

Author Catherine Ham’s non-fiction book titled Animal Fights presents scientific information in a fun, fast-paced way. As a former teacher and world traveler, Ham has spent years interacting with animals. Ham’s creativity shines as she presents her research in rhyming verse. Parents and teachers will enjoy reading the book aloud to eager listeners. The book’s photographs are stunning. Readers will feel as if they are in the middle of the action. Little ones may find the images of sharp teeth and huge jaws to be a bit scary.

Before launching an attack against another male, a tiger will hiss, spit, moan, and growl before using his powerful front paws. Fighting kangaroos actually look like they are boxing during their fights! What’s missing is an overall introduction about what drives animals to fight. Some animals have such interesting behavior when they interact with each other. Are they fighting over food, a female, land, or an intruder? Snarl! Chase! Sting!

—Kathryn “Predator” Franklin

School Library Journal

Science and poetry come together in these titles. Fights focuses on the reasons and methods used by various species to combat one another, whether for territory, food, or a mate. The poetic nature of the text ranges from cute and witty ("When a zebra gets into a fight/He uses his own special trick/His back legs are long/And amazingly strong/And deliver a powerful kick!") to choppy verses that struggle to rhyme ("If a bull elephant/Is fighting for the right/To win a lady elephant/He'll spread his ears out wide/And roaring, charge the other guy/Who'll have no place left to hide"). Color-blocked layouts and large font captions highlight the stunning full-color photographs that complement the text on each page. The poetry in Naps reads more smoothly and contains less awkward phrasings. Many verses have an appealing limerick rhythm ("The leopard's a creature of speed/Who can run like the wind if there's need/When she'd like a little rest/A high branch is just the best/You could say that this leopard's been treed!"). The photographs are amazingly adorable, and anyone who picks up this book will enjoy it. Both titles could be used for animal-themed read-alouds. –Cathie Bashaw Morton, Millbrook Central School District, NY


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Ages: 4-7
Page count: 32
10 x 8

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