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Baby Pig Pig Walks

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Written & Illustrated by David McPhail

David McPhail imagines his classic character, Pig Pig, as a baby just learning to walk.

Baby Pig Pig is bored in his playpen. He pulls himself up. He stands! He falls. He tries again. With perseverance and pride, Baby Pig Pig makes his way out of his pen and down the hall and right into Mama’s arms.

The simple, satisfying story arc is great for reading aloud. Little ones can follow along with the illustrations as the story builds with the excitement as Baby Pig Pig's stumbles become his first steps.

McPhail's charming and delightful illustrations perfectly showcase the humorous adventures that all babies and parents experience, making this adorable board book a must for baby showers and new baby gifts.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

David McPhail, author & illustrator

David McPhail is the acclaimed author and illustrator of more than one hundred and fifty books for children. He studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and published his first book in 1972. His titles include Henry Bear's Park (Atheneum), Mole Music (Holt; a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year), and the beloved Pig Pig series.

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Editorial Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews

A piglet toddler learns to walk.

After growing bored, Baby Pig Pig learns to pull himself up, climb out of his playpen and walk out of the living room into the kitchen, all in the course of a day. Simple declarative sentences narrate the adventure. "He stood up and tried to walk. / He fell down. // Baby Pig Pig tried again. / This time he did it!" In companion title Baby Pig Pig Talks, the piglet struggles to say his first word. While walking with his mama, stroller-bound Baby Pig Pig tries to repeat words his mother utters as she points things out to him, to funny effect. She says, "Cat," and he says, "Duba." In both titles, when Baby Pig Pig finally reaches his milestone (taking his first steps, saying "Mama"), he receives a loving hug from his mom. An older Pig Pig previously starred in several picture books by McPhail, and here, he employs the same droll pen, ink and watercolor cartoons in muted tones. While the porcine tot progresses through developmental stages much too quickly and parents may wonder about his mother's parenting skills (she leaves him on his own for extended periods and introduces him to a hissing snake), McPhail understands the simplicity required for a story for the youngest toddlers.

Clarity and humor carry the day.


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ISBN: 978-1-58089-596-5

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Ages: 0-3
Page count: 14
6 x 6

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