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Bar Stool Yoga

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By: Miriam Austin

Yoga, with a twist.

This is a unique title for those who want to get strong and flexible while enjoying a beer with their backbend or a daiquiri with their downward dog.

Hip and healthy. Fit, fun, and functional. Silly and serious. Bar Stool Yoga capitalizes on the ever-increasing popularity of yoga and offers a new twist—yoga with a vodka martini surprise!

Bar Stool Yoga features over forty yoga poses, all photographed in a variety of alcoholic establishments. From local pubs to glitzy bars, the postures presented will challenge the fit and fabulous millenials and gen-Xers, while also appealing to their boomer parents and grandparents with some poses for flexibility and joint health. An ideal gift book, perfect for the hip, slick, and cool.

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Author Bio:

Miriam Austin, author

Miriam Austin is the author of the international best-seller, Yoga for Wimps: Poses for the Flexibly Impaired (Sterling) and Cool Yoga Tricks (Ballantine). The lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek style of Yoga for Wimps appealed to people around the globe for its ability to meet people exactly where they are in terms of strength, flexibility, and lifestyle.

As a yoga student and teacher for twenty-five years, Miriam has the unique ability to understand the needs of all levels of yoga students.

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Chatelaine Magazine, "Six yoga books to brighten your day"

What it’s about: If you ever wanted evidence that yoga can be done anywhere, this book is for you. Set in various bars around New Orleans, this laidback tome takes you through classic yoga poses you can try out in the comfort of your living room.

Why we love it: Each move is paired with a "happy-hour hint" (or alternate position) and a happy-hour drink inspired by the name of each pose.

Wisconsin Bookwatch, The Health/Medicine Shelf

From its introduction into American popular culture in the mid-twentieth century, yoga as been a popular form of health-oriented exercise. Profusely illustrated with informative commentary by yoga expert and enthusiast Miriam Austin, "Bar Stool Yoga: The Fun Way Of Being Fit And Flexible At The Bar And Beyond" is a 112 page compendium that showcases yoga exercises that can be done by oneself or with friends in a local community bar or tavern. Of special note is the chapter 'Heaven for Hangovers' that will be greatly appreciated by those who have indulged a little too much! It's important to note that "Bar Stool Yoga: The Fun Way Of Being Fit And Flexible At The Bar And Beyond" is for light fun and entertainment and that alcoholic beverages should be taken after a yoga workout -- not before one or during one. Informed and informative, and a delight to simply browse through, "Bar Stool Yoga: The Fun Way Of Being Fit And Flexible At The Bar And Beyond" is especially recommended to yoga practitioners and community library collections.


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Page count: 112
7 x 9

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