Bizarre History<br><font size=2>Strange Happenings, Stupid Misconceptions, Distorted Facts and Uncommon Events</font>

Bizarre History
Strange Happenings, Stupid Misconceptions, Distorted Facts and Uncommon Events

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By: Joe Rhatigan

“History is a pack of lies about events that never
happened told by people who weren’t there.”
                   —George Santayana, philosopher

This is history served up high-octane, with all of the fun and none of the boredom. It’s not about memorizing lists of dates or names, or remembering which general won what battle. Instead, Bizarre History merrily digs up the scandals, strangeness, and scintillating details that illuminate personalities, events, and real life. Think of it as history’s juicy unauthorized biography—a historical document in which relevance never gets in the way of a good read.

There are humorous quotes from famous figures such as Mark Twain and Napoleon (“History is a myth that men agree to believe”), as well as witty commentary about leaders of the past. Have you heard of the emperor who entered Rome in a chariot drawn by fifty naked slaves—and invented the first whoopee cushion, too? You can find lots of wildness closer to home: George Washington wrote love letters to a married woman, “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson had been in at least seven duels before becoming president, and Benjamin Franklin fathered an illegitimate child. And both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had encounters with UFOs!

The fun facts span the globe, covering the crazy acts of Caligula in the Roman Empire, the “Dog Shogun” in 17th–century Japan, the “Pork and Beans” war between the US and Canada, and details about fashion, medicine, sports, and the real Dracula. It’s a wild journey that no one could resist!

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Joe Rhatigan, author

Joe Rhatigan has authored more than fifteen books for children and adults, including Don't Unravel When You Travel and Out-of-This-World Astronomy. He has also produced several best-selling books and series, including 101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12!, The Boo Boo Book, and the My Very Favorite Art Book series. Joe has been a poet, a teacher, a marketing manager, and a newspaper boy. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his wife and three children.

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