Bizarre Weather <br><font size=2>Howling Winds, Pouring Rain, Blazing Heat, Freezing Cold, Hurricanes, <br>Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, and More of Nature's Fury

Bizarre Weather
Howling Winds, Pouring Rain, Blazing Heat, Freezing Cold, Hurricanes,
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, and More of Nature's Fury

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By: Joanne O'Sullivan

See how strange nature can be!

This is weather beyond your wildest imagination—yet it’s all true: showers of worms from the sky, watermelon snow, gory storms, and other freakish and fun phenomena! These stories are anything but ordinary, and they will leave you stunned, horrified, amazed, and sometimes even amused at the incredible things nature can do. Gathered from historic records, present-day news reports and research studies, and spanning the globe from the Sahara to the tundra to the USA, they reveal just how volatile and bizarre weather can be.

Find out about supersized hailstones as big as bowling balls; fish raining from the sky; the never-ending lightning that has become a UNESCO National Heritage Site; and fog so thick it killed hundreds of people in a single day. And if that isn’t strange enough for you, there are terrible typhoons and tsunamis, tornadoes that have carried people into the air, temperatures that soared over 49 degrees in two minutes, and even cyclones that have raised ships buried for over a century. Scientists can explain how and why some of these things happen—but other events remain a mystery.

Author & Illustrator Bios:

Joanne O'Sullivan, author

Since hiding under a bed during a hurricane in Florida as a child, Joanne O’Sullivan has been interested in weather extremes. From monsoons in East Asia to snow in South Africa, she’s experienced a range of the strange and surprising. Her science books have been commended by the National Association of Teachers. With her husband and two children, she now lives in temperate Western North Carolina, where the snow is soft and white and the hailstones rarely reach larger than marble size.

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Editorial Reviews:

OMB (Oh My Books)

Joanne O'Sullivan must have spent years researching Bizarre Weather. The book is so full of details and real-life examples that Joanne could only have found through extensive reading and documentation. She has centuries of weird weather reports in the book. It's not that the reader thinks Joanne believes all the weird weather reports. In many cases Joanne debunks the historical explanation. Still, what she can't explain is interesting and thought-provoking.

The book is listed as an adult item, but our fourth grade daughters loved it. I think any child or young adult with an interest in weather, quirky facts or strange science will totally enjoy Bizarre Weather.

Sugar Pop Ribbons

Bizarre Weather is a book that opens my eyes to different types of weathers. In it, the author provides the names of the weather phenomenon, details descriptions of each and then she follows up with interesting stories about them. To be honest, I never thought learning about weather would be anything but boring, but the author has proven me wrong. I enjoyed reading this book and I have learned a lot of interesting facts that I will share with my friends on our next mommy's night out.


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