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Can I Bring Saber to New York City, Ms. Mayor?

  • 1795

By: Lois G. Grambling / Illustrated by: Judy Love

What Broadway show would Saber want to see? Cats!

A saber-toothed tiger seems a bit scary and dangerous. It’s the fangs. And they hardly seem like a practical pet, especially one you might bring on a class field trip to New York City. They are awfully large and ferocious. But our intrepid hero knows that his pet saber-tooth is just a big pussy cat. And, while Saber may scare some folks, he’d really be more help than a hindrance. For instance, he could climb all 102 stories of the Empire State Building to roar a hello to the pedestrians below, he could hold the subway doors open for rushing commuters with his giant fangs, and be a guest tour guide at the Central Park Zoo.

The boy just needs to convince the mayor.

Judy Love’s illustrations are jam-packed with hilarious details, and the already-vibrant city of New York bursts to life with the antics of a friendly ancient predator on the loose.

A wonderful read aloud with a fun refrain that young readers will memorize quickly and have a great time calling out. Just beware: not appropriate for a bedtime story—everyone will be laughing too hard to fall asleep.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Lois Grambling, author

Lois Grambling grew up in Union, New Jersey. Her first vivid childhood memory is of getting her very first library card. She remembers not being able to write, but the town librarian was kind enough to say she could "read the name that was printed on the application."

With that wonderful new card in her hand, Lois found a whole new world opened up to her. Every Saturday was spent in the children's section in the library where she would load up on armfuls of books to take home with her--a habit she has not yet kicked.

Read more about Lois.

Judy Love, illustrator

Judy Love is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and has illustrated numerous children's books, including First Day Jitters and Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg. She lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, with her family.

Read more about Judy.


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ISBN: 978-1-58089-570-5

ISBN: 978-1-58089-571-2

ISBN: 978-1-60734-743-9 EPUB
ISBN: 978-1-60734-639-5 PDF
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Ages: 5-8
Page count: 32
8 12 x 11

Correlated to Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Literature. Grade 1. Standards 1-4, 7, and 10.
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Literature. Grade 2. Standards 1, 3-5, 7, and 10.

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