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Cavekid Birthday

  • 1699

By Cathy Breisacher/ Illustrated by Roland Garrigue

A sweet prehistoric twist on "The Gift of the Magi"

Caveboy and Cavegirl are best friends. They even share a birthday. Each wants to get the other something special for the big day, so they go shopping at Caveman Collectibles for just the right thing. But neither has money enough to buy a present for the other. So Cavegirl trades her beloved tool collection for a box to give Caveboy to store his rock collection. Likewise, Caveboy trades in his cherished rocks for a box to give to Cavegirl for her tools.

Hilariously detailed illustrations will have young readers laughing out loud and rooting for our kind-hearted heroes as they learn that the best gift of all lies in giving.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Cathy Breisacher, author

Cathy Breisacher is the author of Petunia Pepper's Picture Day (Warner Press), a winner of the Eastern PASCBWI Writers Conference book award. Cathy is a school guidance counselor and lives in Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Roland Garrigue, illustrator

Roland Garrigue is the illustrator of the How to Banish Fears series (Insight Kids) and many award-winning picture books published in his native country, France.

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Breisacher and Garrigue explore the timeless fun of gift exchange. Neighbors Caveboy and Cavegirl are best friends who do everything together. The pair shares interests in pet racing, stone tossing, painting on walls—a joy shared by all children since the very beginning of time—as well as their birthday. As it approaches, Cavegirl becomes frantic to make the perfect gift, but a mishap involving her pet bear sends her to Caveman's Collectibles to pick out the perfect present. Since money has yet to be invented, Cavegirl trades her tools for a box. Caveboy also considers the perfect gift before trading his precious rocks for…a box. The two best friends make the best of their gifts, but eventually it's back to Caveman's Collectibles for another trade. In exchange for their things, they do some gnarly interior decorating for Caveman—money may not have been invented yet, but paint, ladders, and balloons are readily available! The scratchy line-and-color illustrations share an aesthetic with The Flintstones, with the uniformly pale-skinned characters sporting hide clothing and bone accessories. The message will resonate with generations of readers—the simplicity of a box combined with imagination crosses time and gender. However, the protagonists' binary names are not inclusive of gender fluidity. The faux primitive grammar ("Me like….Trade good") gives character to the dialogue but may also confuse emerging readers. Book sweet.


ISBN: 978-1-58089-876-8

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Ages: 4-8
Page count: 32
9 x 9

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