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Celebrations / Celebraciones
Holidays of the United States of America and Mexico/Días feriados de los Estados Unidos y México

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Written & Illustrated by: Nancy Maria Grande Tabor

The United States and Mexico share many similar holidays.

These special days reflect common values, mutual respect for family and history, and rich cultural heritages. Through folk art, Nancy Tabor shows the similarities and differences of each holiday.

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Nancy María Grande Tabor, author

Nancy María Grande Tabor grew up in Loreto, Mexico. She attended the University of the Americas in Mexico City and received her master's degree in education from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"I am a product of two cultures. In a way, I belong to both the United States and Mexico and in a way, I am a stranger. But this gives me an advantage because I can address both cultures and inform each culture about the other culture. This has been the basis for the children's books I am creating. It is because of the great need I see to bridge cultures that I began these books.

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Editorial Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews

Tabor’s rounded figures, drawn with childlike simplicity, move over vibrant background washes in this introduction to the holidays of the US and Mexico. Writing both English and Spanish texts, she links thematically related days—Lincoln’s birthday with that of Mexican president Benito Juárez, for example—as well as hewing close to the traditional list, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the two independence days, July 4th and September 16th. Boldly printed headings summarize the principal emotions associated with the holidays (Easter, for example: “Parading together, we rejoice in the new life that spring brings”) while the main text provides the specific dates, manners of celebration, and—where appropriate—the similarities between the countries’ differing holidays. Charming and attractive, this is a fine addition to both bilingual and holiday collections. (Nonfiction. 4-9)

Publishers Weekly

Celebrations/Celebraciones: Holidays of the United States of America and Mexico by Nancy Maria Grande Tabor offers a bilingual look at a year's worth of holidays in both nations. In English text and its Spanish translation on each spread, Tabor explains some of the differences and similarities between holiday traditions in each country, with illustrations and statements that encourage children to discover the ways in which they are like those of another cultural background: "We celebrate by sharing who we are-our individuality and our diversity."


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Ages: 3-6
Page count: 32
8 x 10

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