Come Look With Me<br> Art in Early America

Come Look With Me
Art in Early America

  • 1695

By: Randy Osofsky with The Bank Street College of Education

Discover the people and places of Colonial America.

Come Look With Me: Art in Early America introduces children to twelve magnificent works of art. More importantly, it offers both children and adults a whole new way of encountering any work of art, one that engages the imagination as much as the eye.

Children are introduced to a variety of media and styles in American art of the 1700s and 1800s. History comes alive as children examining the design of Samuel McIntire's Gardner-Pingree House inside and out and imagine how it was lit during the day and night; they encounter Black Rock, A Two Kettle (?) Chief in George Catlin's stately painting; they witness the War of 1812 with Thomas Chambers' Capture of the H.R.M. Frigate Macedonian by the U.S. Frigate United States.

Well suited for both individual and classroom use, Art in Early America pairs quality art reproductions with thought-provoking questions, encouraging children to learn through visual exploration and interaction. Thoughtful text introduces the world and work of the artist, making the most of a child's natural curiosity.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Randy Osofsky, author

Randy Osofsky has been a gallery owner, a writer, an actor, and more.

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The Bank Street College of Education

Bank Street College in New York City is often called "America's most trusted name in early childhood education." It is a private institution with a public mission—to make learning meaningful for all children.

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Editorial Reviews:

Christian Library Journal

Randy Osofsky's Art in Early America includes examples of early American furniture ( a painted cupboard from the early 1700s), needlework (a sampler from the early 1800s), and architecture (a Federal house built in 1805)

[The Come Look With Me series are] well designed books. The full color art reproductions are first rate. The text questions and comments are well written and lend themselves to a broad range of ages. Younger children will benefit from the simple questions; older children will gain much from the biographical/explanatory notes. These series should work well in a group setting or one on one. Parents/teachers will learn just as much as the children!


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ISBN: 978-1-890674-12-0

Ages: 5 and up
Page count: 32
9 3/4 x 9 3/4

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