Come Look With Me<br> The Artist at Work

Come Look With Me
The Artist at Work

  • 1695

By: R. Sarah Richardson with The Bank Street College of Education

"I always try my best to put all my energy into my work, for my greatest desire is to make beautiful things."
     —Vincent van Gogh

Well suited for both individual and classroom use, The Artist at Work pairs quality art reproductions with thought-provoking questions, encouraging children to learn through visual exploration and interaction. Thoughtful text introduces the world and work of the artist, making the most of a child's natural curiosity.

Children imagine themselves within the vast landscape of Albert Bierstadt's The Oregon Trail, they are challenged to pose their own bodies like that of a ballerina in Edgar Degas' Dancer Lacing Her Ballet Slipper; they can make up a story about William Michael Harnett's intensely realistic The Old Violin.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

R. Sarah Richardson, author

Sarah Richardson is the Global Curator in the Department of Fine Art at CitiGroup, she has worked in galleries, and as the Curatorial Assistant at the Guggenheim.

Read more about Sarah.

The Bank Street College of Education

Bank Street College in New York City is often called "America's most trusted name in early childhood education." It is a private institution with a public mission—to make learning meaningful for all children.

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ISBN: 978-1-890674-09-0

Ages: 5 and up
Page count: 32
9 3/4 x 9 3/4

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