Cool Animal Names<br><font size=2>Porcupine Fish, Zebra Eels, Leopard Geckos, Owl Monkeys, Giraffe Beetles, & 251 Other Bizarre Creatures</font>

Cool Animal Names
Porcupine Fish, Zebra Eels, Leopard Geckos, Owl Monkeys, Giraffe Beetles, & 251 Other Bizarre Creatures

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By: Dawn Cusick

Why simply be a snake, when you can be a Tiger Snake?

Once a child is old enough to recognize the difference between a peacock and a frog, the idea of a peacock frog is funny and intriguing. Does it look like a peacock or a frog? Does it have a tail or a beak? And what about a skunk tiger beetle? Does it have stripes like a tiger? Or worse, stink like a skunk?

Every page of Cool Animal Names invites laughter and discovery with 256 of the most bizarre animals on the planet. Discover weird animals such as the wolf spider, panther chameleon, and ant lion, which stalk prey the way their large mammal namesakes do, or animals such as the elephant shrew and elephant fish, which were named for their trunk-like appendages.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Dawn Cusick, author

Dawn Cusick enjoys making science education fun for both kids and adults. In addition to writing children's animal behavior books, she is a college biology instructor. She is the author of Animal Tongues and Animal Naps, also published by EarlyLight Books.

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Editorial Reviews:

NC Teacher Stuff

My youngest daughter is in a "Did you know?" phase of reading right now. She is sharing facts left and right as she is reading nonfiction. This morning she was telling me about the saguaro cactus. I live in North Carolina. Not exactly cactus country, but it is still fascinating to her. Cool Animal Names is just the kind of book that kids like her will inhale in one big Hoover-like gulp.

Author Dawn Cusick explains in the beginning of this book that there are many strange animal names out there. For example, I just assumed that a skunk was a skunk. I was wrong. Did you know there are skunk bears, skunk beetles, and skunk clownfish? The bears (actually a type of weasel) and beetles earn the name honestly with the ability to emit horrific odors. Skunk clownfish have a white stripe that runs down their backs. Each section features animals that share a name with a familiar species. For example, Cusick delivers fabulous photos and facts about 24 different animals that have tiger in their name. My favorite is the Tiger Heron which gets its name from the sound of its call.

Cool Animal Names would be an excellent resource for students learning how to write nonfiction or working on how to organize information. You can pull a paragraph from this book and show it on the overhead projector or Smartboard and discuss why the author chose to include this information. I could also see students creating a chart featuring some of the animals with habitat, favorite foods, and appearance as categories. Being able to display information in a different format is an important skill for students to learn. After reading Cool Animal Names, I'm ready to find a pig frog.

Book Ideas

This book combines humor and nature study as over 250 of the most bizarre animals on the planet are pictured with accompanying short paragraphs about each one. You'll discover panther chameleons, ant lions and elephant shrews in this collection of amazing and unusual critters.

Children seven years of age and older will be fascinated by the unusual names of these animals and how their names usually have something to do with an unusual characteristic. For example the skunk beetle does, when threatened, behave like a skunk as it sprays a bad smelling liquid and fish owls do consume a lot of fish.

You'll have lots of fun sharing the contents of this informative book with your children. They may even wish to take it to school to show their teacher or classmates.

Book Loons

This well illustrated book for children seven years of age and older is filled with surprises. Every page features three or four creatures whose name will remind you of other animals. For example, on the skunk page you'll discover not only a regular skunk but also a skunk bear, skunk clownfish and a skunk beetle.

A photo of each critter is accompanied by a short paragraph that tells you something about it. 'Skunk beetles defend themselves by standing on their heads and spraying predators with a bad-smelling liquid from their hind ends.'

The book's Table of Contents lists an eclectic array of animals, fish and insects. Turn to the page and you'll see what other creatures have piggybacked on that animal. Under the Wolf heading you'll find wolf eels, wolf spiders and wolf guenon monkeys. The owl section features goat owl, rat owls, hawk owls, fish owls and eagle owls.

More than 250 animals are featured in this book and most young readers will be totally fascinated by all the little tidbits they will discover about these cool creatures.


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Ages: 7-11
Page count: 80
8 x 10

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