Creepy Creatures

Creepy Creatures

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By: Sneed B. Collard III / Illustrated by: Kristin Kest

You don't have to be scared.

Did you know that laughing is the hyena's way of communicating with its family? Or that the bats that inhabit Asia and Africa help rain forests to grow by spreading tree seeds? Creepy Creatures explores some of the reasons behind what animals do and how they look.

In this fascinating book, readers will learn that no animal exists simply to frighten or repulse us, but rather to feed, house, and defend itself. Kristin Kest's detailed illustrations help us to see that every creature's unique attributes help it to survive. Creepy Creatures is full of facts and humor about 20 creatures including the shark, tarantula, piranha, vulture, komodo dragon, and Tasmanian devil.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Sneed B. Collard III, author

Sneed B. Collard III has been a biologist and a computer scientist. He's put his knowledge and experience to use by writing more than thirty children's books, including Many Biomes, One Earth; Beaks; and Our Wet World. He lives in Missoula, Montana.

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Kristin Kest, illustrator

Kristin has been a freelance illustrator since 1991. She has illustrated several children's books, including Creepy Creatures, Bees, Wasps and Ants (Western Publishing Company), Butterflies and Moths (Western Publishing Company), and Insects: Peterson's Field Guide Coloring Book (Houghton Mifflin).Kristin resides in Pennsylvania.

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Editorial Reviews:

School Library Journal

Sharks, tarantulas, and pythons are three of the "scary" creatures pictured in this book. One animal per page is presented with a vivid, full-color illustration and brief, captionlike text. Minimal information is given, making this offering of limited use for reports. Still, public libraries might want to consider purchasing this browsable, high-interest title for reluctant readers.

Library Talk

Tarantulas, piranhas, vultures, moray eels, and sharks are some of the familiar but rather unloved animals in Sneed B. Collard's Do They Scare You? Creepy Creatures. The lesser-known and even stranger looking pangolin (an ant-eating lizard), star-nosed mole, and gulper fish are among those featured with one- or two-page spreads. The simple text, surrounding the large color illustrations, is limited to a paragraph or two, containing just enough information to explain how the animal's physical features help it survive. While some may harm humans, usually in error or defense, readers are assured all will normally leave us alone, including the razor-tooth, slime-encrusted bone muncher, an imaginary creature that humorously rounds out the collection of twenty-two. A world map displays the approximate habitats of each. This quick survey should delight those children who enjoy the unusual. Teachers might show the book to intrigue students before sending them off to the library to discover even more creepy creatures.


ISBN: 978-0-88106-836-8

Ages: 4-7
Page count: 32
10 x 8

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