Global Baby Girls

Global Baby Girls

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By: The Global Fund For Children

Baby girls are strong, beautiful, bold, and bright.

Continuing in the tradition of best-selling Global Babies and American Babies, Global Baby Girls puts baby girls from around the world in the spotlight, celebrating their strength, diversity, and potential. From Peru to China, from Russia to Mali, this board book features captivating photographs of baby girls to share a simple, yet powerful message: no matter where they are born, baby girls can grow up to change the world.

Baby girls are precious, but they are not valued everywhere. It’s never too early to introduce the importance of girls, and the power they can have in the world.

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Global Fund For Children

The Global Fund for Children develops innovative titles that help young readers expand their appreciation of the multicultural world in which they live. Each book depicts positive images of children, promotes multiculturalism, and integrates the children's perspective into the text.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books helps support The Global Fund for Children's grantmaking toward community-based projects benefiting children around the world.

Read more about The Global Fund for Children.

Awards & Honors:

  • Kirkus Reviews' Best Children's Books of the Year
  • Amelia Bloomer Project List
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Best Books for Babies

Editorial Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

In a natural follow-up to Global Babies (2006) and American Babies (2010), an empowering text and vibrant photos present baby girls from Canada, China, Guatemala, France, India, Liberia, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, the United States and more.

From the girl on the cover wearing a hijab to an American tyke wearing overalls, the girls mostly sport everyday wear in a broader range of colors than pink and purple. As girls are not always valued, the text, meted out in a few words per page, is a rallying cry in support of their potential: "Baby girls / can grow up / to change the world." The portrait of each girl is presented on a full page or with a boldly colored border that allows for the occasional word of text. The babies mostly present happy or serious facial expressions, and a few engage in activities that illustrate girl power in subtle ways; an American baby, in her father's arms, clutches a crayfish, and an Italian toddler looks as if she is "reading" aloud from a book.

Another baby-faced winner from the Global Fund for Children, with an important social message to boot.

Publishers Weekly

“Wherever they are born, girls are beautiful, strong, bold, and bright,” opens this board book from the nonprofit Global Fund for Children, which follows the organization’s American Babies and Global Babies. Bright, up-close photographs of babies from around the world are labeled with their respective nations. The babies’ smiling faces and bright-colored clothing (which ranges from everyday jumpers to, in the case of one Russian child, a fur suit) are attention-grabbing, and the overall message (“Baby girls can grow up to change the world”) is empowering.

Reading Today Online

The Global Fund for Children has produced several wonderful books for young children including Global Babies in 2006 and American Babies in 2010. This new addition to the series focuses on girls around the world. Full color photographs with baby girls in their native clothing present an emphasis on what girls can do. From countries as diverse as Russia, New Zealand, Liberia, India, Peru, France, China, Guatemala, Canada and the United States, the world of the importance of young girls is visually brought to our youngest readers through this beautifully presented board book. Learn more about The Global Fund for Children and see some of the internal art for this book at their website.


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Board Book
ISBN: 978-1-58089-439-5

Ages: 0-3
Page count: 16
6 x 6

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