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I Love Our Earth

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By: Bill Martin Jr. & Michael Sampson / Photographs by: Dan Lipow

What's not to love!

Celebrate our home in this joyous, poetic tribute to the Earth's colors, climates, and seasons. Panoramic photographs capture the majesty of nature from swirling deserts to curling ocean waves. Close-ups reveal quieter treasures like springy moss and sunlit leaves. Tying all these wonders together are the faces of children from around the globe, reflecting our shared connection to the planet.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Bill Martin Jr., author

The late Bill Martin Jr. wrote more than 200 children's books, including the beloved classics Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Simon & Schuster) and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Henry Holt).

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Michael Sampson, author

Author and former educator Michael Sampson has written 25 picture books, including the acclaimed I Pledge Allegiance (Candlewick), which he co-authored with Bill Martin Jr. He lives in Commerce, Texas.

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Dan Lipow, photographer

Dan Lipow's photographs have been featured in diverse media including advertising, magazines, and international humanitarian aid campaigns. Dan lives in New York City.

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Awards & Honors:

  • Please Touch Museum Book Award

Editorial Reviews:


A wee paean to the glories of nature, in an accessible format. There are very few words, lightly rhymed and slightly chunky: "I love our Earth / when summer stars flicker, / and autumn leaves flame, / when winter flakes blow, / and spring blossoms show." The photographs, however, show several strengths. Each spread comprises a nature photo occupying a page plus half the facing page: mountain, sunset, ocean, snow. The other half-page contains the text and a small photo of a child, alone or with an adult. Each one of the pictures featuring a child invokes a color or a tone from the facing nature image, as when a ruddy moppet's green t-shirt picks up the great green of a meadow. Ecology for the very young.

A Patchwork of Books

What better book to choose during Earth Week than one telling us all the different ways in which to love our planet. A beautiful poem and fabulous photographs, along with a great message have made this book a true winner.

I Love Our Earth, written by the wonderful Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson with photographs by Dan Lipow. A very simple concept makes a huge impact in this perfect Earth Day title. Photographs of wondrous places on our planet, along with a snapshot of a child from those places accompany a poem as to why we love the Earth as we do. Some reasons are very simple (warm sunsets), some very grand (gray mountains rising).

The photography is beautiful (and what child doesn't like looking at photos of other kids?) and the text is so simple, yet puts across a great message. We should really love our Earth for everything it gives us, big or small.

A great choice for libraries!


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Ages: 3-7
Page count: 32
10 x 7

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