The Most Fun Bug Book Ever

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By: Sneed B. Collard III

For fanatics or newbies, the bug world is crawling through these pages.

Popular science writer Sneed B. Collard III gets creepy-crawly with many different kinds of insects, detailing their habitats, defense systems, communication techniques, and mating rituals. Colorful, close-up photos are paired with a kid-friendly narrative that boasts humor and accessible explanations about beetles, spider wasps, moths, and more.

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Sneed B. Collard III, author

Sneed B. Collard III is the author of more than thirty science books for kids. His many titles include , Snakes, Alligators, and Broken Hearts (Bucking Horse) and Sneed B. Collard III's Most Fun Book Ever About Lizards. Sneed lives in Missoula, Montana.

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Kirkus Reviews

The straight, more or less, "poop" on dung beetles, dragonflies ("fighter jets of the insect world"), and the rest of our six-legged overlords.Aside from making debatable claims that insects are "the dominant life-form on Earth today" and "the true rulers of our planet," Collard delivers airy but persuasive evidence that beetles are "da bomb!"—and likewise all their teeming relatives. After noting that insect species alone outnumber comic-book superheroes (for instance) by approximately 1,000 to one, he offers a history of this ancient clan, overviews of insect body parts, diet, reproductive practices, mimicry, and other general features, as well as ups and downs in our complex relationship with them. Examples, nearly all alive and in natural settings, pose in photogenic splendor in the sheaves of bright color close-ups, all but a handful by the author himself. And if Collard declines to supply leads to further information ("You are all smart. You know how to go to the library"), he does close with notes on scientific nomenclature plus a list of rain-forest conservation groups. A lighthearted invitation to join the insect-appreciation club: "Righteous exoskeleton, dude!"

School Library Journal

Insects are cool, and they should rule the world. At least that’s what this book aims to have readers believing by the end. Almost a million species have been identified—a number that barely scratches the surface. The text gives a general overview of various topics, including body structure, life cycle, eating habits, and contributions to the environment. It also highlights perennial favorites, such as beetles. Collard clearly loves insects, and his enthusiasm carries the work. Readers will appreciate the conversational tone and humorous descriptions. The photographs are gorgeous, such as the full-page, up-close image of the creepy tiger swallowtail butterfly caterpillar. Aside from websites of conservation groups that protect the habitats of insects, the back matter doesn’t list resources or recommendations for further reading. As the text states, it’s up to students to ask a librarian for help, search online, or simply go outside and observe insects. However, it probably wouldn’t have hurt to have double-checked the title’s own sources; for example, some educators might take issue with a segment of text that reports that a butterfly comes out of a cocoon rather than a chrysalis. VERDICT For kids who love creepy-crawlies, but not a first choice for research projects.


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ISBN: 978-1-58089-642-9

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Ages: 9-12
Page count: 48
10 x 8

Correlated to Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Informational. Grade 4. Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Informational. Grade 5. Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10

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