Mezcal: The Gift of Agave

Mezcal: The Gift of Agave

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By: Nancy J. Hajeski

"For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, the same."

—Oaxacan saying

Craft cocktail aficionados, tequila drinkers, foodies in search of the next hot ingredient, and fans of microdistilleries are getting behind “the champagne of Mexico”—mezcal. Its smoky, exotic flavor makes an excellent base in cocktails, pairs beautifully with delicious meals, and its popularity is on the rise. According to The Guardian, "consumption in bars has more than doubled in the past four years and exports have tripled in the same period."

This detailed and colorful guidebook uncovers mezcal's deep history, details its artisanal production in remote Mexican villages, and explains the proper ways to serve and drink this distinctive liquor. There are tips for locating the top mezcals on the market and selecting varietals that best suit particular tastes. A chapter showcasing twenty of the best commercial distilleries includes recommended examples of young jovens, lightly aged reposados, and aged añejos. Finally, the book offers easy-to-follow recipes for unique mixed drinks and zesty mezcal-based dishes.

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Nancy J. Hajeski, author

New York Times bestselling author Nancy J. Hajeski has written nature and health guides for National Geographic, including Birds, Bees, and Butterflies: Bringing Nature into Your Yard and Garden and Complete Guide to Herbs and Spices. She is the author of profiles such as Beatles: Here, There and Everywhere and Ali: The Official Portrait of the “Greatest.” She is also the author of four Jane Austen graphic novel adaptations for Marvel Entertainment. An avid gardener who focuses on natural landscaping, Hajeski lives in the Catskill Mountains of New York

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