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My First Book of Wild Animals

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By: National Wildlife Federation

Featuring spectacular images straight from the vaults of the National Wildlife Federation.

A snowy owl flying, a giant panda climbing, a huge gray whale emerging from the waves. See these beautiful animals in the wild, where they belong. These amazing photos from the archives of the National Wildlife Federation showcase a menagerie of marvelous creatures. Children will look wide-eyed at a herd of wildebeests rushing through water; a mama brown bear attending to her adorable cubs; a smiling alligator, its powerful jaws opened wide; adult elephants protectively surrounding their young; and more. While enjoying their close-up look at this wonderful world of wildlife, kids will gain an early and lifelong appreciation for the marvelous creatures who also call Earth home.

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National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation, America's largest wildlife conservation and education organization, is dedicated to "inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future." It is also home to the award-winning Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick, Jr. magazines and apps.

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Editorial Reviews:

Publishers Weekly

This book created by the National Wildlife Federation uses bold photographs to introduce 19 wild animals (20 if you count the snowy owl on the back cover). Each page or spread features a dramatic photograph of an animal and its name; though the names are the only text, the images speak volumes, from the power of a rhinoceros as it thunders toward readers to the background-blurring speed of an eagle in flight. Even the porcupine on the last page looks genuinely surprised that the book is over. Simultaneously available: My First Book of Baby Animals

Kirkus Reviews

Lions, tigers, bears and more for the youngest readers.

A howling wolf, a herd of wildebeest and a stampeding rhinoceros are among the others shown on single- or double-page spreads accompanied by simple labels in a bold, high-contrast type. Many of the images, credited to a long list of wildlife photographers in the backmatter, are quite breathtaking, such as the eagle in flight and a dolphin leaping through the waves. Some pictures are strangely cropped, particularly the hippo, the tiger and gray whale, and unfortunately do not give little ones a sense of the entire animal. The companion book, My First Book of Baby Animals, is almost identical in form and structure, but it lists the name for each baby animal (kit, cub, calf, etc.) along with the animal’s name in the caption. Some of the same animals are repeated in both books, such as lion, panda, polar bear, elephant, kangaroo and gorilla. Several of the critters are shown with a parent; a cygnet rides on a grown swan’s back, and a foal is nicely framed by a full-size zebra.

While full images of all of the animals would have been preferable, this is a simple and useful introduction with eye-catching images.


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Ages: 0-3
Page count: 24
6 x 6

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