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Of Course They Do!

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By: Marie-Sabine Roger & Anne Sol

Boys don’t cry . . . do they?

Sometimes it seems like there are “boy things” and “girl things.” For instance, boys don’t cry, play with dolls, or dance. And, girls don’t like sports, know about cars, or build things. Of course, all of these ideas are wrong!

In Of Course They Do! a picture says a thousand words and turns misconceptions about “boy things” and “girl things” on their head. Boys dance and girls are astronauts; boys cook and girls score goals; boys jump rope and girls speed around race tracks. It’s madness! Or, is it?

Simple text and big, bold photographs don’t play around. The message is clear: Boys and girls can do anything! This book is sure to spark discussions about gender roles as well as inspire young readers to follow their passions.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Marie-Sabine Roger, author

Marie-Sabine Roger has been writing since she was four years old. She has published more than seventy books. She lives in France.

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Anne Sol, author & photographer

Anne Sol lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, as a photographer and illustrator and has illustrated three children's books.

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Editorial Reviews:

Publishers Weekly

Originally published in France, this upbeat book asserts that nothing is off limits for boys or girls. The evidence? Look at all of the grownups who defy gender stereotypes. Left-hand pages show children engaged in frequently gendered activities--a girl dances, a boy plays with toy cars--while declarative statements (e.g. "Boys don't take care of babies") appear on the right. On the pages that follow each example, a full-spread photograph demolishes the stereotype. "Really?" reads one caption, along with a candid photo of a father spoon-feeding his child. The message about false assumptions and gender equality comes through clearly, without heavy-handedness.


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ISBN: 978-1-58089-669-6

ISBN: 978-1-60734-732-3 EPUB
ISBN: 978-1-60734-677-7 PDF
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Ages: 2-5
Page count: 40
8 1/2 x 8 1/2

Correlated to Common Core State Standards:
Reading Literature. Kindergarten. Standards 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10.
Speaking and Listening. Kindergarten. Standard 4.

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