Science Stunts<br><font size=2>Fun Feats of Physics</font>

Science Stunts
Fun Feats of Physics

  • 1695

By: Jordan D. Brown / Illustrated by: Anthony Owsley

DO try this at home!

Astound your friends and family with twenty-five entertaining and safe physics experiments to try at home.

Science Stunts will start a chain reaction of fun and experimentation outside the lab. Readers will be amazed and delighted by magic tricks that are based on important physics concepts such as gravity, inertia, magnetism, sound vibrations, and more.

An appendix and short bios of the physicists featured provide fascinating facts about the scientists' lives and achievements.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Jordan D. Brown, author

Jordan D. Brown's works include Micro Mania and Crazy Concoctions. He has served as Educational Consultant for a variety of preschool children's shows, including The Mr. Men Show (Cartoon Network), Dinosaur Train (PBS), My Friend Rabbit (NBC), and Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (Nickelodeon). He lives in upstate New York.

Read more about Jordan Brown.

Anthony Owsley, illustrator

Anthony Owsley has illustrated many books, including the acclaimed Ouch! He lives in Scottsdale, Georgia.

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Awards & Honors:

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Editorial Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews

Showman Dr. Dazzleberry and his friends Galileo, Newton, and Einstein demonstrate and explain 25 astonishing science tricks.

In seven engaging chapters, this collection of science explorations spotlights traditional physical phenomena: gravity, motion, heat, magnets, sound, light, and electricity. Clear instructions for each demonstration are laid out like a recipe, with a list of easily obtainable necessary materials and step-by-step directions. These are followed by "The Science Behind the Stunt," humorously explained in a simple but usually accurate first-person narration from one of the scientists. Some tricks are very easy; others require more time and practice and, occasionally, the supervision of an "adult sidekick." Other precautionary measures suggested include fully reading directions and wearing eye protection or glasses and washing hands where appropriate. Some projects may be familiar, but others are likely to be new and intriguing. Not every trick will work the first time, Dr. Dazz reminds his readers. Sometimes trial and error as well as practice are necessary. Sidebars add extra information sure to appeal to intended readers, such as an after-Halloween Punkin Chunkin contest in Delaware and a rock band made up of deaf musicians. Helpful cartoonlike illustrations feature a diverse cast including the African-American Dr. Dazz, whose showmanship is only exceeded by his sense of humor.

Magical science that's amazing, astounding, and sure to appeal to middle-grade and middle school readers.

Publishers Weekly

Brown and Owsley follow 2012's Crazy Concoctions with another engaging collection of science experiments, this time centered around physics. Playing host to readers' explorations is Dr. Dazzleberry, an enthusiastic physicist/magician in a rhinestone-studded tuxedo, who is joined by cartoon representations of Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. Brown includes 25 experiments, spread out over seven chapters devoted to gravity, magnetism, sound, light, and more. Motion-related experiments include creating a marshmallow catapult out of wooden craft sticks and using centripetal force to cause a penny to whiz around the inside of a balloon, à la a planet's orbit (sections titled "The Science Behind the Stunt" explain the forces at work behind each "trick"). Sidebars discussing real-life applications of physics (such as the record-breaking speeds of Japan's Maglev trains) round out this hands-on look at science in action.

School Library Journal Xpress Reviews

Educational consultant Brown’s collection of hands-on science books continues with these 25 experiments on gravity, motion, temperature, magnets, sound, light, and electricity. The book is narrated by Dr. Dazz, a cartoon physicist and magician. He is accompanied by three cartoon sidekicks (Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein), who explain how each of the experiments works. Each activity includes a description, a list of required props, and a numbered list of instructions and ends with an explanation of the history and science behind the stunt. The activities range from a tea bag rocket to a straw oboe. Cartoon drawings of a diverse cast of children demonstrating the experiments liven the text and clearly illustrate concepts and instructions. Readers are presented with safety rules and tips in the introduction and reminded of them of them throughout the book. In addition, experiments requiring adult assistance are noted. VERDICT Brown’s humorous and upbeat presentation will appeal to readers and would be a worthwhile resource for classrooms and public libraries.

NSTA Recommends

Since he was a young boy Author Jordan D. Brown has loved doing science experiments and performing magic tricks. Now he has written a book about 25 physic experiments that are, in his words, “entertaining ‘magical’ experiments. Science Stunts is written to arouse curiosity and encourage readers to perform the experiments. The author states that this book is about “the magic of science and the science of magic” to entice the readers.

The book stars Dr. Dazz, a showman who leads the readers through the exciting physics–based experiments. Science snips from Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein, and their connections to the experiments are included with the experiments as “Science Behind the Stunts”. There are 25 physics–based experiments on gravity, motion, force, water, magnets, sound, light, and electricity and the scientific connections to Galileo, Newton, and Einstein. Illustrations easily capture a reader’s eye while reading the descriptions of the experiments. All experiments have graphics that clearly demonstrate how the experiment should be set up. A prologue includes important safety rules and tips. The author includes a graphic “Adult Sidekick Needed” when an adult is needed to help with the experiment. Author states when safety items such as safety glasses and gloves are need. Materials in the experiments are generally inexpensive and can be found around the house. There are short biographies of the three scientists and a glossary to conclude the book. Science Stunts is recommended for parents and children. The author has also written other science–based books for children.


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Ages: 8-12
Page count: 80
8 x 10

Correlated to Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Informational. Grade 3. Standards 1-5, 7, 8, 10
English Language Arts-Literacy. Reading Informational. Grade 4. Standards 1-5, 7, 8, 10

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