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Sushi: The Beginner's Guide

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By: Aya Imatani

Sushi, not just for the masters.

Learn the techniques of this popular Asian cuisine in this attractively presented, easy to follow, and temptingly photographed beginner's guide to sushi. With the help of close-up photos, expert Aya Imatani leads would-be chefs through every step of the process. She discusses all the tools, foods, and paraphernalia: lays out the methods for making vinegars and sauces; and demonstrates how to make sashimi creations so special, they aren't even found in many sushi bars.

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Author & Illustrator

Aya Imatani, author

Sushi has been a part of Aya Imatani's life since she was a child. Her father owned a sushi bar in Kobe, japan, and she now runs her own catering business.

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ISBN: 978-0-9822939-6-6

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Page count: 128
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