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Tears of Mother Bear

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By: Anne Margaret Lewis / Illustrated by: Kathleen Cheney Fritz

Where do Petoskey stones come from?

Perhaps the answer lies in the discovery that Mother Bear has been leaving her tears all over the beaches of Lake Michigan for hundreds of years. Walk the shores of Lake Michigan with grandpa and his grandchildren on their rock hunting expedition, in search of the great Petoskey stone. Grandpa passes on the age old Ojibwe Sleeping Bear legend, and reveals the untold story of the Tears of Mother Bear.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Anne Margaret Lewis, author

Anne, a graduate of the University of Michigan, was born and reaised in the Detroit area. Anne and her husband live with their children in Traverse City, Michigan, overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay on Old Mission Peninsula. Anne is also the author of Tears of Mother Bear and Has Anyone Seen Christmas?.

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Kathleen Cheney Fritz, illustrator

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Editorial Reviews:

The Cottage Book Shop

Tears of Mother Bear is a first-time homerun for Mackinac Island Press, written with aplomb and beautifully illustrated. Anne Lewis has penned a sweet story about the sleeping bear's tears becoming Petoskey stones. Grandpa passes on the age old Ojibwe Sleeping Bear Legend, and reveals the untold story of Mother Bear's tears. He tells the children the story of Michigan's state stone, and how it actually came from Mother Bear of the Sleeping Bear legend -- they are her tears. If you loved the Legend of the Sleeping Bear, you will love this new tale, written in rhyme and beautifully illustrated.


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ISBN: 978-1-934133-62-0

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Ages: 4-7
Page count: 32
9 x 11

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