The Boat Alphabet Book

The Boat Alphabet Book

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By: Jerry Pallotta / Illustrated by: David Biedrzycki

Ahoy, mateys! Get on board!

Boats and the need for them have been around for thousands of years. Reed boats might have been the first boat ever to be built. The Vikings built wooden ships that were strong and ornate. And now boats like an Aircraft Carrier house 6,000 people and can carry over 100 planes. In Jerry Pallotta's newest book we get to see an entire alphabet of floating wonders.

David Biedrzycki has provided dramatic settings for a variety of boats and captures the mood of each body of water. In one he paints a calm lake where a red canoe glides across the water and in another the stormy swells of an angry ocean tossing a three-masted Xebec. The facts about each boat are sprinkled with traditional Pallotta humor.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Jerry Pallotta, author

Jerry Pallotta is an award-winning author of children's alphabet books and imaginative fiction. He has written many books for Charlesbridge, including The Icky Bug Alphabet Book, Dory Story, and The U.S. Navy Alphabet Book. Jerry's books appeal to children of all ages because of the beautiful illustrations, witty text, and accurate descriptions found in all his work. Jerry lives in Massachusetts with his family. "Alphabet books constructed around a theme helpfully provide an extra clue for deciphering the word in question. Jerry Pallotta is the king of this subgenre..."
The Horn Book

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David Biedrzycki, illustrator

David Biedrzycki has been creating illustrations for book publishers, advertising agencies, magazines, and design firms since 1980. His art has graced the cover of KidSoft magazine, New England Aquarium billboards and children's software packaging, such as “The Amazon Trail” and “Odell Down Under.” He is the author/illustrator of the Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective series as well as Me and My Dragon and Me and My Dragon: Scared of Halloween. He also illustrated The Beetle Alphabet Book and Dory Story. David lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.

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  • Parent Council, Selected as Outstanding

    Editorial Reviews:

    Parade Magazine

    Alphabet books are common enough, but here's one for children with a nautical turn of mind. The Boat Alphabet Book covers the waterfront with neat capsule descriptions and attractive color illustrations of each craft. Pallotta cleverly manages to come up with boats even for such tough letters as U (Umiak) and X (Xebec). If you don't believe him, look them up—I did. Still one could have wished for a few more commonplace examples, like A for Ark or R for Rowboat.

    Boating for Beginners

    Jerry Pallotta’s newest alphabet book features boats and ships, from the gigantic aircraft carrier to the one-person kayak. With characteristic wit and humor, the author explains basic nautical terms like hull, bow, and stern, and introduces more challenging topics, such as the workings of a steam engine. Young and old alike will want to get on board for this lavishly illustrated and informative trip through the alphabet.

    Education World

    The Boat Alphabet Bookis a fine addition to Pallotta's pack of alpha-books—and a great addition to any teacher's transportation curriculum! Don't miss this trip through boat history. Get on board with Jerry Pallotta!

    Bank Street Bookstore BOOKMARK

    Even the most savvy boat lover will be fascinated by "B is for Barkentin. . . Q is for Quffa. . . U is for Umiak. . ." and the rest of the boat alphabet complete with brief explanations of each boat's history and use. Big, bright, realistic illustrations and the compelling text make this an exciting and informative boat book.


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    ISBN: 978-0-88106-911-2

    Ages: 4-7
    Page count: 32

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