The Butterfly Alphabet Book

The Butterfly Alphabet Book

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By: Jerry Pallotta and Brian Cassie / Illustrated by: Mark Astrella

Welcome to the wonder and beauty of butterflies!

Look through the wings of a Transparent, marvel at the size of the Queen Alexandra Birdwing, and try to find the camouflaged Indian Leaf Butterfly! Learn about these amazing butterflies, and more, as you read from A to Z about a group of the world's most beautiful insects.

Jerry Pallotta and Brian Cassie's fun, informative text, accompanied by Mark Astrella's detailed and breathtaking illustrations, will be a sure favorite with both the young butterfly lover and the experienced lepidopterist!

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Jerry Pallotta, author

Jerry Pallotta is an award-winning author of children's alphabet books and imaginative fiction. He has written many books for Charlesbridge, including The Icky Bug Alphabet Book, Dory Story, and The U.S. Navy Alphabet Book. Jerry's books appeal to children of all ages because of the beautiful illustrations, witty text, and accurate descriptions found in all his work. Jerry lives in Massachusetts with his family. "Alphabet books constructed around a theme helpfully provide an extra clue for deciphering the word in question. Jerry Pallotta is the king of this subgenre..." —The Horn Book

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Brian Cassie, author

As a naturalist, teacher, and writer, Brian Cassie is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of nature with children everywhere. Having led nature tours all over the world, Brian has had many fascinating and unique adventures that he is eager to recreate and utilize as a basis for teaching conservation. Through his writing, Brian endeavors to bring the natural world to life through words and pictures. He has visited many schools as a speaker and is currently involved in an author-in-residence program at a New Hampshire school. During his visits, Brian inspires students to discover and respect the natural world that surrounds them every day. Brian lives in Massachusetts with his family.

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Mark Astrella, illustrator

Mark Astrella is a self-taught artist who has drawn and painted most of his life. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Mary always knew he would be an artist. He learned most of his technique by looking at art in his hometown art museum and by studying books, comic books, and science fiction magazines. Mark collaborated with Jerry Pallotta on The Butterfly Alphabet Book and The Desert Alphabet Book. He lives in Hawaii

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Editorial Reviews:

School Library Journal

This colorful title opens with the high-flying Apollo butterfly and soars through the Zephyr Metalmark. Two or three sentences describe each species unique characteristics and provide general information about the insects as well. Readers learn that he Transparent butterfly of the rainforest has see-through wings and that he Magdalena Alpine's "black wings keep it warm" by absorbing light. The stunning airbrushed illustrations are as bright, bold, and beautiful as the butterflies themselves. The dazzling creatures are shown in their native habitats and are painted to scale. There are, of course, many fine butterfly books, such as Dave Beaty's Moths and Butterflies (Child's World, 1993). However, this attractive new title will spark the interest of youngsters and send them off to do further research in the library and in the field.

The Young Entomologist Society

[P]resents readers with a glimpse into the remarkable world of the butterfly. With more than 23,000 species of butterflies in the world there are plenty of surprises in store for young lepidopterists (butterfly enthusiasts).

As you might guess from the title of the book, The Butterfly Alphabet Book introduces you to twenty six beautiful butterflies from around the world beginning with the Apollo butterfly and ending with the zephyr metalmark. In addition to a breathtaking illustration of each butterfly in its natural habitat, interesting facts are given on the butterflies' habits and life cycle. At the conclusion of the book, the authors remind us to "look and enjoy, but be careful, butterflies are fragile."


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ISBN: 978-0-88106-894-8

Ages: 4-7
Page count: 32

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