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The Disappearance of Dinosaur SUE®

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By: PaleoJoe with Wendy Caszatt-Allen

Book 1 in PaleoJoe’s Dinosaur Detective Series

Join PaleoJoe and his 11-year-old sidekick Shelly as they embark on their first adventures to solve the mystery of... The Disappearance of Dinosaur SUE®.

SUE is a trademark of The Field Museum, Chicago and is used with permission.

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

PaleoJoe, author

PaleoJoe, a paleontologist from Midland, Michigan, has been all over the country digging for dinosaurs—Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Woolly Mammoths and more. He has educated children and communities by giving over 200 school presentations to 12,000 school children, by setting-up traveling exhibits for museums. He is the author of Hidden Dinosaurs, illustrated by Jim DeWildt. A graduate of Niagara University just outside of the fossil rich Niagara Falls and Lewiston area of New York, Joseph has collected fossils since he was 10 years old. He has gone on digs around the United States and abroad, hunting for dinosaur fossils with some of the most famous and respected paleontologists in the world. He is a member of the Paleontological Research Institute and Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and is the winner of the prestigious Katherine Palmer Award for his work communicating dinosaur and fossil information with children and communities.

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Wendy Caszatt-Allen, author

Wendy Caszatt-Allen is an author, poet, playwright, and teacher. She is a graduate from the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts and Michigan State University.

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Editorial Reviews:

Prehistoric Times

Each title in the series allows kids to read these CSI-type stories while learning facts about their favorite dinosaurs and paleontology.

The Parrot's Perch

I just finished a fun book: The Disappearance of Dinosaur Sue, the first in the Dinosaur Detective Club series. If you love dinosaurs and you love mysteries and you are at the early chapter book phase or you know and love someone who fits that description, I recommend this book to you. PaleoJoe is a paleontologist, trained in careful, scientific observation and reasoning. And he's an expert in his field. When Dinosaur Sue, the world's most complete skeleton of a T-Rex, is stolen from its home at the world famous Field Museum in Chicago, they call in PaleoJoe even before they call the Police. His young friend Shelly, an eleven year-old junior paleontologist, takes advantage of PaleoJoe's tendency toward absent-mindedness to get in on the chase. Something else I liked about this book was its interesting use of reasoning, based upon scientific method. PaleoJoe instructs Shelly about how paleontologists go about finding fossils, and how the evidence that is collected during the fossil excavation is carefully observed and compared with other data to deduce the fascinating details about the lives of the dinosaurs and about the state of the world when they lived. If you or your child likes Nate the Great or Cam Jansen, you'll find this book an entertaining second step into longer chapter books. There s even a funny little animated dinosaur at the bottom of the pages. Flip the pages and watch him run.

Children's Literature News & Reviews

I picked up the first book in Mr. Joe's Dinosaur Detective Club series and (ah-hem) dug in. The result? A fun ... read that dino fans will enjoy. Shelly Brooks (age 11) knows a thing or two about dinosaurs. And she's learning more all the time, having befriended dino expert PaleoJoe. The two respect each other's knowledge and are a good team. Their teamwork is put to the test when Sue, the most complete fossilized T- Rex skeleton ever unearthed, goes missing. Their search for the culprit sends them dashing to the Field Museum in Chicago, globe-hopping to Germany, and trekking to the middle of South Dakota. Shelly and PaleoJoe use their detective skills and dinosaur insight to solve the crime. I would recommend this one to middle-grade dinosaur-lovers that are looking for a mystery.


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ISBN: 978-1-934133-03-3

Ages: 7-12
Page count: 144
5 1/2 x 8 1/2

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