The Magic of JELL-O

The Magic of JELL-O

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It jiggles, wiggles, is colorful and delicious!

100 years and it is still jiggling and wiggling and creating fun for all ages! Nothing feels like JELL-O® in your mouth, dances like JELL-O® on your plate, or goes from simple to sophisticated so easily. The 100 recipes in this unique cookbook celebrate all things JELL-O®, from the classics that never grow old to modern ideas for simple yet sensational treats like Trifle and Cappuccino Cups.

And because everyone loves JELL-O® there’s something here for every taste. Kids get cool things like Slushies, Chocolate Pudding Cats, and Lollipop Jiggles. Light Delights caters to today’s health-conscious eater, who wants a fat free, low calorie yummy dessert. In a rush? Quick and Easy Razzle Dazzle Berry Mousse and Citrus Meringue take very little time. And of coure there are special recipes for holidays and other occasions, like a Halloween Worm Cake and a Traditional Fruit Trifle.

All are tested in the official JELL-O® kitchens and accompanied with tempting photos. Bonus: The company’s experts have revealed their tricks of the trade.

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Wisconsin Bookwatch

The Magic of JELL-O: 100 All-Time Recipes lives up to its title as a compendium of tasty dessert treats that can be quickly and easily made with the popular JELL-O brand gelatin, or pudding. From Alaskan Pudding Pies (a tasty cookie sandwich treat) to Layered Fruit Dessert, Cherry Topped Eggnog Ring, Lemon Cheese Pie and more, The Magic of JELL-O is filled with celebratory delights that will appeal to confection connoisseurs of all ages. An excellent addition to any dessert cookbook library.  


ISBN: 978-1-62354-027-2

Page count: 128
8 x 9

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