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Tough Puzzles for Smart Kids

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By: Terry Stickels

Kid-smart puzzles for real smart kids!

How clever are you? Dare to find out, with this mind-stretching, brain-building, and entertaining collection from USA Today puzzle creator Terry Stickels.

Smart solvers will have a blast putting together jigsaw-style pieces to create larger shapes, decoding cryptograms to reveal a secret message, and investigating optical illusions. With futoshiki to tackle, wickedly difficult mazes to weave through, and loads of wordplay, this compilation offers hours of satisfaction.

Filled with a variety of the most unusual brainteasers ever, plus cool cartoons by Steve Harpster, it’s fiendish fun!

What they’re saying about Terry:

“Terry Stickels’ puzzles are perfect brain stimulators for young and old alike. They’re fresh, varied, and well thought-out and they build problem-solving skills that are useful both academically and in everyday life.”
—Will Shortz,
Crossword Editor, The New York Times

“Terry Stickels has joined the ranks of top popularizers of mathematical problems. His puzzle collections are highly recommended for their novel approaches and fresh ideas.”
—Martin Gardner,
Past Editor of Scientific American’s “Recreational Mathematics” Column

“Terry Stickels is one of the most gifted puzzle writers, authors, and speakers it has been my pleasure to know. He has generously provided us with his time and talents in creating unique and challenging material for our MENSA projects.”
—Jim Blackmore,
National Marketing Director, MENSA

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Author & Illustrator Bios:

Terry Stickels, author

Terry Stickels is well-known for his three internationally syndicated columns. Frame Games™ and Stickdoku™, seen in USA WEEKEND magazine, are read by over 48 million people in six hundred newspapers weekly. He concurrently writes “Sticklers” for King Features, appearing in over two hundred newspapers daily, including the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Denver Post, and the Toronto Star. He also is the featured puzzle columnist for the Guardian, London’s largest newspaper. In addition, Terry finds time to write books for both adults and children and do motivational speaking.

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ISBN: 978-1-936140-40-4

Ages: 7-11
Page count: 80
8 x 10

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