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Painting A New School Year for Charlesbridge

Posted by Mel Schuit on

Illustrator Mika Song discusses creating the illustrations for her new book A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices When I first read Sally Derby’s poems in A New School Year I was struck by how familiar each character felt to me. My goal for the illustrations was to keep them simple and show the emotions in the poems. I had been volunteering as a reading tutor, so kids and classrooms were already fresh in my mind. My agent sent me photos of her son’s preschool walls to give me ideas. The rest is from my own memories. Happily, schools...

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A Q&A with David Biedrzycki, Author of Groundhog's Runaway Shadow

Posted by Alaina Leary on

We spoke with David Biedryzcki, the author of Groundhog's Runaway Shadow, about his inspiration and process behind writing and illustrating the book, just in time for Groundhog Day!  The idea of a runaway shadow is something that’s often played with in fiction. What drew you to this idea? Initially, the idea for the story wasn’t at all about a groundhog. It was about a very boring person. His shadow one day decided it wanted more out of life than to just work in the quality control department of a Grass Seed Company watching grass grow. As with most of my...

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